Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Olay Regenerist Anti-aging Eye Roller

My cousin gave this to me when she got back from US several months ago
Thanks cuz! Mwah!
Finally i have the energy to post about this:-)

I was an Oil of Olay user before i started lusting for bigger and more expensive brands. I only have good memories with this brand coz' i grew up trying and testing their products. And i LOVED most of them! A truckload of Shiseidos or Lancomes can never beat the thrill of finding CHEAP products that works!

 Looking back, i remember going to the grocery with my mom. I'd head straight to the toiletries section and check out what's new. I wanted to try all those beauty products on display! But of course i was still cash strapped and the only solution was my mom. I would sheepishly return to our cart with all my loots tucked behind me. When she's not looking i would quickly SNEAK a lipstick under the meat, a balm under the lettuce, and an OLAY cream under the can of tomatoes... whilst all the while pretending i'm only getting one item. Mind you, i wasn't satisfied with only 1 or 2 items. It had to be more! I learned the art of HAULING at a young age. And upon reaching the counter i would DISTRACT her with something while the cashier is busy punching my loots along with the grocery items. I'd always feign innocence everytime she wonders why the bill seems to be higher.

Eventually she discovered my style. So i didn't get it easy anymore. I had to put on that "please-have-mercy-on-me-look" and beg like a child even infront of other people (horrors!). After what seemed like eternity, i would finally get to CONVINCE her with promises of being a GOOD girl and getting BETTER grades next time. But the moment the cashier punches the items my brain's like, "What did we talk about again?" or "Nyak..nyak..nyak...goodluck on the grades part!" And the cycle goes on and on...tsk...tsk..silly girl!

Oops! I'm sorry for the incessant blabber, i got so carried away! It's just that Olay evokes these kinds of memories! Hehe :-)

Now back to the topic:

Just pump and pump...

And the juice will ooze...(sounds a bit?!)

Creamy and milky
Don't you dare think dirty...haha!

3 metal ball roller

I was pleasantly surprised that Olay came up with a roller stick. It makes application so much easier. It lessens tugging coz you won't need to use your fingers anymore. And the roller balls feels refreshingly COOL to the eyes...very soothing! But my weird mind sometimes worries about the hygiene part coz i'm afraid the balls might catch some "micro germs"... roll it back in...then roll it back out to my eyes again. And then they'd multiply until my eyes becomes one giant BLOB...duh?! Seriously speaking, that's possible right? Not the blob part but the germs. I just hope im wrong with this one.

I like to use it before sleeping
Or simply when i want to scrimp on my La Mer eye cream usage..hehe

The eye cream feels MOISTURIZING (of course that's what it's made for!). It doesn't flake unlike other creams that turns into solid particles like a deodorant once they dry up (don't you just hate that?). It just rests on my skin until it gets all absorbed. In fact, i sometimes use this as base prior to concealer application. I dab just a little under both eyes. It is quite excellent in making my concealer glide even better! It instantly SMOOTHENS out the creases.

This is a good option if you want some decent HYDRATION. It is not a miracle potion that will instantly remove those saggy bags and bothersome lines. It just keeps dryness away which in turn helps PREVENT wrinkles. If there's one thing i noticed, it DOES LESSEN eye puffiness( great after every major cry fest)!. Guess those cool roller balls really does some spanking action! Overall, i like this product and this time around i won't have to dupe or beg my mom for it anymore. Nyak...nyak...nyak! :-)

I'll leave you with a sneak peak of some hauls...

La Prairie stuffs

Will be reviewing some of these products soon...:-)

Thanks for the time!
Stay happy! :-)


Stacy said...

LOL on your grocery experience!

Pammy said...

I love your story and how you would sneak in toiletries and kikay stuff! I can totally relate. Haha! And I laughed on the "Don't you dare think dirty!" note. :P

AnnaYJia said...

Woo I like its design ! Wish it was at Malaysia =(
Btw your La Prairie haul looks so ...mouth-watering ! lol...

Cindy Ellison said...

This was a great blog and brought back memories, too. I used to love Oil of Olay and some of the reviews rate it highly. It was funny to hear about you hiding items in the grocery cart.

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I had a BIG laugh at you being afraid the "ghost" would travel over to your hotel, you and I think alike. (The woman in 202 did not know about this room was haunted until I was the bearer of bad news!) :-D

I enjoy your blog! ♥


@Pammy-hehe we already got this makeup disease at a young age
@AnnaYJia-maybe they'll launch in Asia, hehe;-( thanks sweetie
@Cindy-your stories and pictures are simply fascinating. Love your blog too. :-)

Emmaleigh said...

Sorry, I have a dirty mind. =))))))))))) haha

I loved the grocery store story, made me laugh. :D And, wow at your hauls!

Ged said...

don't think dirty! hahahaha..
nice post as always! :)