Friday, April 23, 2010

Hylexin Eye Cream

The first time I saw Hylexin in the magazine I told myself I just had to get one. I'm a sucker for any product that deals with dark circles. I was half hoping that it might be the much awaited antidote to finally end my constant battle with having raccoon eyes. It also doesn't help that my insomnia is making my condition even worse. I was terribly happy when I saw one in Sephora. I disregarded the fact that it is quite pricey. Well if this is the ultimate solution then it better be worth every penny.

I was initially impressed with the results. It really did lighten my undereye. It contains 9.5% Lexin-DC concentrate. A patented formula from Bremenn research laboratory. It claims to help reduce the appearance of SERIOUS DARK CIRCLES and chronic puffiness surrounding orbital area. Well, after finishing one tube (which actually lasted for a long time) I still wasn't that satisfied. I wanted more. Expected more and waited for dramatic results. So I bought another tube until I got tired from using this. Maybe I just have really stubborn circles that are resilient to any treatment. It is still not the perfect solution for me. But I have to give credit to it though coz Hylexin somewhat lightened my undereye and it can really reduce puffiness especially after crying episodes. So far I'm still not finished with my second tube as I am trying and testing other brands as well. I'll just go back to using this again after awhile coz I don't wanna put to waste the money I invested in it. I'll just cross my fingers that in time it will really deliver me the kind of results that I'm hoping for.

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