Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III:NYC

First of all, here's a big HELLO!!! to everyone
 Christmas may be over but i hope you guys are still feeling the yuletide spirit.

Finally, my very own UD Book of Shadows!
(better late than never hehe)

 I enjoyed doing the graphics for this post because i love both New York and Urban Decay
Reminds me of the good stuffs...

I was inspired to use street-art/graffiti as my theme
 for this one:-)

This palette is such a wonderful creation
because it is an art by itself
The integration of the city's landmarks, lifestyle and people (different races)
is what makes this makeup truly unique

 I've been lemming for this for quite sometime 
It's like a toy for a grownup lady

Since the time this product came out in the market i cannot get it off my head. For months i've been reading and drooling about this palette from other beauty bloggers. Sadly, Urban Decay is not available locally so these goodies are not easily accessible:-( Paging Sephora! Yoohoo?! 

It's amusing how this palette depicted NYC
with its cute mini collage/cutouts (complete with skyscrapers, Central Park, hippies, yellow taxi...etc)

 I could just stare at it for hours!

Btw, this pop-up girl caught our (me and Zoe's) eye-- Spunky! LOL;-)

Yes, i tested the pop-up lights in total darkness...
but got scared and quickly turned the lights back on!
So this is how it looks like--interesting huh?

NOTE: The pop-up collage keeps closing on its own-- the ribbon that supports it seems quite
short thus tugging it back. I had to keep holding it open (hassle) so i can take decent pictures. I was almost tempted to pry it as far back as possible just so it would hold still, but of course i didn't do that...hehe:-)

16 chic urban shades

7 Exclusive shades: 
Loaded (sparkly emerald green), Kush (green metallic with silver glitter), Rockstar (deep red-purple with metallic base), Money (metallic light green), Bordello (pale pinky-purple with shift), Radium (bright blue), Suspect (sheer sparkly beige) 

Existing shades: 
Perversion (matte black), Uzi (metallic silver), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (shimmery pink champagne), Last Call (shimmery deep plum), Maui Wowie (shimmery medium gold), Smog (deep coppery bronze), Snatch (shimmery pale pink coral), Haight (shimmery teal blue), Psychedelic Sister (shimmery bright purple--my favorite) 

Most of the colors that i like are in here

 Aside from its pretty packaging, rarely do i find a palette that houses most of the shades that i want. The shimmery colors looks even more gorgeous in real life! 
My faves are psychedelic sister, kush, radium and bordello <3

"Mi Amor UD!" 
Notice the shadow effect on the graffiti wall?...nothing, i just like it... hehe;-)

These eyeshadows are highly-pigmented. Even a single swatch delivers a rich and even coloring that stands out on its own (even without a primer). It is such a delight to sweep it all over my lids as it applies oh so smoothly! It doesn't crease or tug. The interesting play of various textures and finish makes this palette even more fun. You can achieve both neutral or vibrant looks with its versatile range of colors, depending on your mood. Staying power is also great.

Swatches on my arm

I noticed that uzi (metallic silver) has large chunks of glitters that is quite bothersome. It literally looks like the one being used for school projects-scary!I'm afraid that it might enter my eye and irritate me. So i'm gonna pass on this one (unless needed).

Also, after each swatch i would wash my arm with soap and water, and i noticed that i had a harder time removing perversion, loaded, kush, haight & radium. I had to repeatedly rinse and scrub my arms several times to fully remove the tough pigment stains.

It has 2 eyeliners and the iconic UDPP

I'm very happy with my Book of Shadows. It's a real cool item to own. The 7 exclusive colors makes this product even more special. It's worth every penny considering the amount of items you'll get with each box. The size is travel-friendly too. Like a typical pocketbook (slightly bigger) with the thickness of a regular Sidney Sheldon/Dean Koontz novel. Hehe! But for normal daily use, it can be quite frustrating coz' it's bulky size eats a lot of space especially when i'm using a tiny purse. Also i'm slightly worried that i might accidentally squish the fragile cardboard casing knowing how i just throw stuffs in my bag. I'm crossing my fingers that it won't ever happen...

I would love to collect more palettes from UD in the future Really really love this!...that's all for now folks

I'll leave you again with a doggy pic, this time it's Chino taken a few days before Christmas.
As you can see he looks so unhappy and bored here. We were forcing him to do a holiday pose...hehe:-)

Thank you for your sweet and precious time :-)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LV Alma Gold Mirroir and December haul

Prepare to be dazzled by Alma Gold

You'll need to wear your sunnies or you'll get blinded by this..haha!

I cannot think of a more fitting time to post this bag than this holiday season. This is my third Alma bag, i don't know why i keep getting this style especially since i'm the shoulder bag type of girl..Well i got this sometime in December two Christmases ago. This is one bag that i salivated over for a looong time. I was torn between the silver or gold. But settled on the latter as Mr G said the silver looks like a tin foil bag. I had to wait for a month as  LV Raffles in Singapore only carried the silver version and the gold one had to be shipped from another country.

(Pardon the poor quality, was still using my crappy old cam when i took these shots)

I remember the first time i held it, i was so in awe with the color, texture, smell and it's exquisite craftsmanship. There's a kind of  indefinable high as i slowly trace my fingers on its smooth embossed logo. What a rare vintage 1983 Merlot bottle is to a wine aficionado is what this bag was to me then...

Huge GM size

The monogram vinyl is so brilliant that it shines even from afar!

It has the typical Alma features:
-integral closure by double zipper
-golden brass pieces
-textile lining
-one inside flat pocket and a phone holder
-studs at the base for bag protection
*this bag is very delicate and prone to scratches that's
why i'm always extra careful when i carry this which is hard
to do coz' i'm naturally a careless person..he he

Exquisitely done embossed logo and fine details

Sadly, as much as i like it i rarely use it. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes i feel embarrassed to carry this. It basically screams for attention, it's just too loud and too much of a bling-bling bag for me. Sometimes i get weird stares when i use this hehe. I really don't know what i was thinking that time. Plus it's not easy to match this bag with just any outfit. It has the tendency to make me look eccentric when not worn the right way. So i find myself using this only during the holidays, parties and "dressier" occasions. Though it looks flashy, it can still be worn casually by wearing jeans, plain white long-sleeves or polo and minimal accessories. It tones the whole "glitzy" effect down.  

The last time i visited the LV website another Alma caught my eye, a Monogram Vernis in a beautiful pink blush shade.--Rose Florentine. Sooo pretty! I wish i got that instead *sigh*  but i still love my gold bag and i'm in a big bag detox now so no plans of getting a new one in the near future.

Now here's my December haul/treats...

I'll be doing a review of some of these products soon...
A few of the items in my wishlist are now realized but i also had to do some changes coz' some of the items/shades that i want are either out of stock or not available locally like the YSL lippies/palette, Chanel Rose Petal blush and Bobbi Brown Mini Bright lights palette. :-( But i finally got my very own UD NYC palette already! yohoo!

Thanks for visiting again sweeties
Hope you're enjoying the holidays:-)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shiseido Lip Crayon Review in LC7 and a Christmas Greeting!

Hello everyone, it's almost Christmas!!!. Woohoo! I can't wait for Santa to arrive and give me my gifts. I know i've been a very good girl so i truly deserve some rewards. I made my post look "Christmasy" in time for the occasion and the crayon shade itself reminds me of poinsettias, hence the "merry" background...

Nice lip crayon to use for the holidays

I've always liked lip crayons
It makes lipstick application so much easier
No need to use a separate lip brush, liner or whatsoever
Just this tool and a steady hand 
And you're ready to go

Reminds me of childhood days
When i'd meticulously outline 
All the characters of my coloring book
Only this time it's on my lips...

Automatic liner (love)

I like that this crayon is automatic
No sharpening needed which is always a BIG plus!
Though it's not pointy-sharp
It's good enough to trace/define 
Even the most crooked mouth

Pretty shade of warm red

The color looks rich, natural and luxurious
Reminds me of sweet berries
Like a decadent indulgence on my lips...
It glides evenly and smoothly
As i fill the rest of my mouth
With its silky texture

LC7 shade

The lasting power is average
A little reapplication is still needed
every once in a while just like any regular lipstick
It can be quite drying too after sometime
But a little gloss like my trusty
Sexy motherpucker tube helps a lot!

Lovely almost natural looking red

The finish is semi-glossy, not over the top
It is not sticky and feels so light
It will leave your lips with a nice and lovely sheen 
That you would really love to be seen in

Will i repurchase?

Yes i will! it is a potential MLBB:-)

I like this product so much that there's a teeny weeny part
of me that wants to collect the other colors as well...
But i promise myself i won't be too greedy with makeup anymore
I have to add that to my New Year's resolutions...

If you are into lip crayons
You should definitely give this one a try
It's worth it! :-)

I will leave you all with a Christmas greeting from me!

Enjoy the holidays!
Hope all your Christmas wishes will come true:-)
See you all again soon

Monday, December 20, 2010

MAC 217 Brush

Hello guys, if you noticed i've already changed my template. A new look for New Year! Plus i want my blog to have a personalized touch...

Well i've been quite busy these past few days preparing for Christmas and i can't wait for the day to come already. I'm just too excited for it... he he

Meantime, i can't wait to check out your blogs again :-)

Right now i wanna share to you one of my all-time favorites, my HG MAC 217. I'm so happy with this because it makes eyeshadow application so much easier. I love it so much that if ever i'll get stuck in an island (God forbid) and could only bring one brush, then this would be it...

 The bristles, made of white goat hair are incredibly soft yet firm and strong. A versatile brush that can be used for putting color on the entire lid/crease, concealer application and highlighting. But it excels the most in blending colors  for that gradual fade. It makes those harsh lines look more subdued and mixes different colors fantastically. You don't even have to be a pro to achieve great results as it will help create that look for you! If you haven't tried this then i highly recommend this thing. You won't get disappointed! It's a must have arsenal in every makeup junkie's bag.

That's it for now, thanks for dropping by

 I'll leave a picture of  Zoe in the tub. She absolutely hates it!
She keeps shaking water all over 
But she has to smell good so she can sleep on our bed :-)

Have an awesome week ahead! :-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NARS Deep Throat Blush and Niagara Lipstick

Two of Nars bestsellers!

It's funny how i've been using these 2 items for so long 
Yet i haven't even posted a single entry about them... i will ;-)

I'm sure most of you already have these babies
And you swear and rave about how wonderful they are 
Well it's not hard to understand why...
they are simply all time favorites!!!

Such a naughty name! ;-)

Has that subtle gold shimmery sparkle

Swatch swipe

Love that rosy golden glow... Weee!!!

Before this, i have only tried Orgasm which i super love! In fact because of that i didn't even bother trying other blushes from Nars coz' i was that contented! I was faithful til' the last,ok i admit i've done some occasional cheating with my other favorite--Shiseido's M pink 30...hehe! A few years later i found myself standing infront of Nars kiosk wanting to buy their eye primer, but unfortunately it was out of stock. Of course i didn't wanna go home empty handed so i thought of repurchasing Orgasm. But...the hype about deep throat kept bugging me. So i opted for that shade instead.

And boy was i glad! The color is of course gorgeous! I like how the golden shimmers blend in perfect unison with the "corally" blush. I felt like rejoicing the moment it touched my cheeks. I liked it more than Orgasm.The shade is very flattering! It would look good on any skin tone. Almost like a universal color. Its highly pigmented powder gives me that warm peachy pink glow! And the shimmers doesn't overpower at all, just right. It normally lasts the whole day. Well, i've been using this almost everyday that in fact i'm finding myself back to being faithful again...hehe! 

Super wearable lipstick shade

The color is fab

But i wonder why they named it Niagara?

Swatch on my skin
(under flourescent)

Bright pretty pink

This has been a staple in my makeup bag eversince i tried it. I love its "corally" shade! It never fails to brighten my face and my mood! Such a cheerful color for me! Even if it's supposed to be a summery shade i use it all year round. That's how much i like this thing. It doesn't look tacky or too orange-y, it blends well with your natural lip color. In fact, even those who are not so much into corals often find themselves enjoying this shade, as it suits almost everyone. It is richly pigmented so one or 2 swipes will even your liptone. It also glides smoothly and effortlessly. The opaque color has a sheer shine to it that looks pretty under any light. Lasting power is pretty okay (without eating or drinking). It is also quite moisturizing which is a big plus! For me the only downside is the price, but for this color i'd gladly splurge again! 

So that's all for now...

Do you also have any favorite coral lipstick or blush?
I'd love to know 
Take care pretty ladies :-)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shiseido Silky Eyeshadow Quad in Rose Tones

Hello there ladies, it's another weekend once again and Christmas is getting nearer and nearer. I hope you're halfway through or almost done with your X'mas shopping. As for me, i haven't started yet and i have no choice but to do it asap. I can't wait to cross off some makeup products on my wishlist *so excited!!!*  Plus i will be purchasing a few special items too...not for me but to share something back to my dear readers soon. Will keep you guys posted :-)

Moving on...

Comes with 2 sponge-tip applicators

These are almost the EXACT colors IRL

Classic eggplant casing

I was very excited the first time i got this because pinks and purples are my favorite colors. However, the moment i tried it i got extremely disappointed. Color payoff was quite bad (sans primer), it took me several tries before the color would actually come out. To make matters worse, fallouts were everywhere! I hated the marks it left under my eyes especially over concealer.It made my dark circles seem worse! So i had to be extra careful everytime i apply this which is unnecessary stress. Because of that i stopped using this altogether and secretly loathed Shiseido for creating such a crappy product. I felt duped!

Silky texture

Matte eyeshadow

-smooth silky texture
-lovely color combination
-lasted a long time (esp with primer)
-highly buildable colors
-didn't crease nor cake

-i hated those fallouts!
-had to relayer for color to pop
-compact is prone to fingerprints and marks
-never liked those sponge-tips
-quite pricey

A few months later, when i discovered the joy and importance of using eyeshadow primer, i decided to give this product another shot. Using MAC's Prep+Prime eye base, i sweeped the shadow all over my lids. This time around i noticed that the colors were more vivid. The silky powder blended well with the base. I was very happy coz' the palette won't be put to waste after all! Now i'm mixing and matching this quad with other shades and brands.

The lasting power is superb with primer! It lasted from noon til' midnight. The eyeshadow still looks freshly applied even after a long day's work. Because of that i started to like this product. I don't know if it's just me but there's something classic and natural about this product. Women who are too busy, who are not so much into makeup but likes branded stuffs, and those who are afraid to venture out of their comfort zones might actually like this. But to the rest who've been there and done that, this might just fall short. 

Will i repurchase?

Although i made this work for me, i still am not overly crazy about it. So i'm gonna pass. There are more brands out there that i think delivers better results. I just wish they made this more pigmented. Then that would've been a totally different story...

XOXO!!! :-)