Monday, May 3, 2010

Waiting for Mr Right myspace graphic comments

   Does it still make sense to wait for Mr Right at this time and age? Yes if you live in a perfectly reasonable world. The righteous men in our planet are a dime in a dozen. It's like finding a needle in a haystack or looking for a contact lense in the middle of the ocean. Most of them, take note! MOST of them are taken. The adage that men are like parking slots coz the good ones are already taken really holds true.
   Women most often have the power to sniff a genuine man from a mile. Why? because these breed are rare. We are usually surrounded by dogs. Dogs who goes for any bitches they encounter. Yet there are ladies who entertain them just because they are the ones available, ever ready and persistent enough since Mr Right is still a million miles away. In frustration they turn to these men because these creatures makes them feel wanted and important even if deep inside they know there is something terribly terribly wrong.  They use these men to fill the void inside only to find themselves even emptier than before.

   With barely an iota of dignity and pride left, they succumb themselves to all kinds of abuse. These vulnerable women suffer from the same destructive pattern over and over again. All for the price of stupidity. 

   The sad part is these women still choose to ignore their gut instincts. They have long since given up on the hopes of still finding Mr Right so they just settle for mr right now. Their flagging self esteems and fear of being alone often pressures them to settle for good for nothing guys...thus the cause of a thousand and one heartaches and sob stories.  

   Whilst on the other end of the spectrum are women whose standards and ideals are so high that even the best is not enough. They are experts at ignoring men that doesn't fit the criteria even if some of them could have been the right one.  These women are usually the best candidates for "spinsterdom". They can wait forever for THE ONE. They have illusions of grandeur that only a rich, handsome and powerful man can sweep them off their feet. They don't care how long it takes coz in their warped and distorted mindset...he is coming. 

   Now the big question is are you willing to wait for that elusive Mr Right even if it means waiting forever?
My answer is yes and no. Yes to the needy women. For them to know that it's ok to wait and not just waste their time for anything less. That they will learn to value their worth as a woman. To have fun while living their life to the fullest. To be able to go beyond entering meaningless relationships. For when they have learned to fully accept and love themselves, thats usually the time when the right person enters the picture.

    Lastly, no to the women who's waiting for the impossible. Of trying to chase rainbows. For they will only realize misery at the end when it's too late, regretting the lost chances of what might have been.
They should see deeper than what their mind imposes. To be reasonable enough to give fair chances to good-hearted men who falls short of their expectations. For who knows, the guys they keep rejecting might be the perfect one all along. 

   So to all the lucky ladies who already have Mr Right in their lives please hold on to him tightly coz you'll never know how many women out there are waiting, wanting and willing to snag away your man anytime!          

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Interesting read! love your writing style