Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Jealousy Strikes


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  I was a jealous bitch before. And it sucks! I hated anybody or anyone who i deem is a potential "threat". I would gladly punch, grind and smash the face of any woman who will openly flirt with my man. Afterall he's mine! mine! and mine! If only it was possible to put a leash on his neck or have my name tattoed on his forehead then I would've done it already.


  Sometimes we all have that occassional attack of the Image by
Our fist clenches, our teeth grits and our chest tightens especially when the "unwanted intruder" wanders into our territory. We have that animal instinct to fiercely guard what we feel is our own.

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   Say for example a breathtakingly gorgeous woman passes by. One who's by all means a perfect 10. Initially we can't help but admire such beauty. But after awhile as we get back to our senses we realize that our men is still happily glued to her glorious vision OMG Surprise Smiley Smilie Smileys Smilies  Icon Icons Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif Gifs and mesmerized for what seems like an eternity. Sometimes we wanna slap their heads and berate them for SUCH blatant display of admiration. How could he have the gall to openly show it right in front of your face? He could've done it discreetly!

 dumb ass 3 Well, boys will be boys. No matter how hard we try to dissect, hit, pump or analyze their brains we still can't do anything about it. Men are highly visual creatures who appreciates beauty. Their brains are wired in a certain way that we girls cannot easily tap into. Their senses always reacts to anything that's aesthetically appealing. And their eyes subconsciously wanders to these unsuspecting targets.

   In time as I grew older and wiser...cough! cough! I realized that such a disposition is unhealthy. It's childish and immature. We are just torturing ourselves with thoughts of cheating and infidelity. We shouldnt let our insecurities eat us alive. Men are not blind and oblivious to the beauty that surrounds them. They have long enjoyed girl watching with their buds even before we entered their lives. It's perfectly normal. A harmless pastime. And a guy thing. We have to accept that it is one of their guilty pleasures in life. And men who denies that are either gay or hypocrites! Heck, even babies knows how to appreciate good looks as there was a study that infants stares longer at perfectly symmetrical faces.


   Just as long as our men remains loyal and faithful to us then I don't see any reason to be too dramatic over such issue. After all, we already have their hearts and bodies to indulge in haha! So why fret? They must've seen something special in us to begin with anyway! They are not puppies or robots that we can fully control or blindfold.  I learned that it's plain immature to chastise them for something they can't help. And the more we try to choke em', the more they'll try to resist. Men dont like possessive, whiny and clingy girlfriends who scrutinizes their every move. So the perfect solution is to just go with the flow and let them be. You can even join in the rating game. Nothing is sexier than a woman who's confident and sure of herself. They can stare, gawk and ogle all they want just as long as they don't cross the boundary. After all that's the only thing they can get anyway! Hah! Fleeting visual pleasures..

   A little jealousy here and there can be healthy just as long as it's not overly done. It ignites spark in a relationship. And adds a little drama. In fact I also love it when he gets jealous coz it means that he is so into me. Same thing goes for a guy, he may find it cute whenever you pout that tiny little pout and ask " But do you still find me the pretty?" of which he'll reply " Of course, you're the only one I see!". Haha! True or not, i know it sounds cheesy and unbelievable but so what! It makes you feel good anyway. And it makes you purr like a contented kitten wrapped in that person's arms.

    There will always be dozens of women out there who may be sexier or prettier. But those girls will just remain nameless and eventually forgotten. Please remember there's only one you in this world. The one who touches his heart. And it's your hands that he holds, lips that he kisses, and the one that he loves. With that, rest assured that you will always be the most beautiful woman in his eyes no matter what. :-)


Elizabeth said...

LOL you know whats funny, I get more jelous that I don't look like that than I do of the fact that my hubby might be drooling over some other girl. LOL. Talk about vanity. LOL


Haha I know what you mean. When Vanity Strikes! Well you're looking good anyway so no need to worry:-)

shatzlaine said...

a contented woman indeed!


So nice to hear from you again Shatzlaine:-)

Missfittgirl said...

So true, and I also really believe that when you truly value yourself, there isn't room to feel jealous of others:) You are his princess for sure. I used to be the same way when I was younger....xoxo