Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ferragamo Belt

I call this my power belt. Hehe. Just for the sole reason that everytime I wear it I feel like a superwoman especially with the big logo buckle in the middle. Just kidding, this is actually a great accent for any shirtdress. I cinch it in the waist area so that in an instant the dress looks stylish and shapely. It never fails to elicit stares from strangers that at one point it me wonder if I'm doing it the right way. But so far I haven't seen anybody cringe at the sight.

Then there are days when I wear it the regular way, by simply tucking it underneath any shirt and jeans. It gives that unmistakable oomph factor even when paired with the simplest top. The best part about this thing is that it is reversible. Black on one side and beige on the other which means more options for wardrobe mix n' match. It's like having 2 Ferragamo belts for the price of one. How cool is that! It is truly worth its price and it makes you stand out in the crowd without even trying.

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