Monday, May 17, 2010

My Chanel Black Caviar Classic Tote Bag

   This Chanel black classic caviar tote bag is suited for everyday use. It's the perfect carryall purse when you don't want to think about which bag to use for the day as its black color and simple design practically goes with anything. Its chain and leather double handle with metal hardware complements the whole look while the subtle signature black CC logo outside adds statement and allure. The zipper closure is conveniently placed in the middle for extra protection.

   More than a year ago, I still clearly remember soaking in the tub scrubbing my blues away when I heard my fiancé playfully singing and calling me outside the door. He kept saying that he has a surprise for me. I was like, What?! I didn't even ask for anything at all and was wondering what the fuss was all about. So I immediately rinsed off those suds and dashed out of the bathroom merely wrapped in a towel with my hair still dripping wet. Lo and behold! A beautiful, big black box with that unmistakable Chanel logo was smiling back at me. To say that I was surprised was an understatement, I was so shocked that my towel almost dropped to the floor! Haha! I mean there's no occasion or whatsoever...Although I know he loves to give surprises, this one was totally out of the blue. The bag isn't even part of my wishlist( but I secretly lusted over it).  And there it was! just like that, I suddenly have one. I was literally grinning from ear to ear. I asked him why he bought it, he just sheepishly said it was my reward for being a good girl.haha! I've always been good(though moody at times!). I was so touched that I hugged him so tight he almost choked. He is truly one unpredictable guy and his crazy antics never ceases to amaze me.

   I know I'm a self-professed LV lover, but there's something about Chanel that draws and lures me. I just love their classy and elegant styles. The OC in me which only wants to collect LV bags was majorly disrupted. This was my first Chanel bag and it paved the way for a few more Chanels. Its like opening a whole new Pandora's box within me and the floodgates of my obsession are  alive again. There goes my bag rehab and detox! Sigh!

   I use this tote for malling, meeting with friends, shopping, going to the grocery and basically everywhere. It's so handy and convenient. It has many compartments to store most of my trash. It's casual, stylish and functionable. You name it this bag has it! This is such great bag that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with this Black beauty. She became my new bestfriend(sorry LV) and I'm so glad we've finally met!

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