Monday, November 29, 2010

Products I Wish I DIDN'T Buy

   Once in awhile we encounter products that promises to deliver great results. We get so excited! Our expectations are so high that we feel we are holding the "ultimate solution" to banish those zits, spots and eyebags...only to be DISAPPOINTED coz' those promises just remains as, oh well., PROMISES!

So i made a short list of some of those products that fell short on me. Here goes:

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   I'm very disappointed with this expensive eye cream as I never got any results. As in ZILCH! I expected so much and didn't even see any noticeable changes. My eyes looked and felt the same. I don't even know what else to say...

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   I absolutely hate my sunspots, freckles or whatchamacallit! So you could just imagine my joy when I saw a topical product at SaSa in Hongkong that promises to eliminate those annoying spots. The packaging even looks convincing. But lo and behold, no lightening or diminishing happened. In fact NOTHING happened! The worse part is this crappy product was quite pricey!

*Only Shiseido Purewhite EX (oral tablets)helped lightened those stubborn spots.

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   I purchased this several months ago which should just be ENOUGH time to see any difference. As you can see with my previous Maybelline Magnum Mascara post, my lashes are STILL short and sparse. Tsk...tsk...and may I add that i'm using this until now just in case a miracle might still happen. Will let you know though. Ho-hum...

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   This is one of those concealers that I knew would NEVER work on me the moment I tried it. It creased like crazy, gave me white circles, easily wears off on my oily other words just NOT for me.

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   These 2 didn't work for me too. The powder looked chalky on my skin. While the liquid foundation made my oily skin look even greasier after a few hours. The good thing though is they have my right shade. But that's just about it! Believe me, I really TRIED so hard to love em' only to get disappointed each time. Sigh!  

   So there you have it, a roundup of  items that didn't work for me. Pls feel free to let me know if some of these stuffs actually worked for you. I'd like to know...

Gotta go, enjoy your day sweeties:-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze Review

Price-2,200 pesos (approx $40)

Such a gorgeous looking brick!

Versatile shade

This multipurpose brick is a CONVENIENT product to own. It can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, blush or bronzer...the possibilities are just endless! But its huge and somewhat bulky casing  is quite bothersome. It consumes a lot of space in my makeup bag. Also, the powder tends to scatter all around the rim of the casing everytime i sweep my brush which is quite annoying coz i have to keep wiping the edges. But anyway, those are just minor tiffs and i could totally live with that!

Stunning color combination!

Individual swatches

The vertical strips of shimmers looks very pretty to the naked eye!
And the myriad of colors looks so deliciously good beside each other. .. 

I often use the lightest shade as a HIGHLIGHTER under the brow bone, side of the nose or at the corner of my eye. Then I use the 2nd and 4th colors as eyeshadow BASE and mix it with deeper shades. The rest I just play around with! On lazy days I even use the darkest color as eyeshadow itself, I just line my eyes, add mascara and I'm good to go!          

Mixed together
You can see the gradiation
from my bare skin
(under flourescent light)

On my cheeks
You can see the golden glow!
(under soft light)

The glimmery powder casts a soft glow that ILLUMINATES the face instantly. Its super fine shimmers gives a natural kind of sunkissed look. This would look extra fab on a perfectly tanned skin. The blended shade is lovely, not too orange and not too brown. Just a gorgeous GOLDEN shade.


I noticed that only a few light strokes is necessary to achieve that glow as too much can make the face look extra shiny. Which is bad news if you're already suffering from oily skin like me. I made that embarrasing mistake the first time i used this coz' i got too excited, i ended up looking like a greaseball!

Overall, I'm VERY satisfied with this brick. Its many functions compensates for it's pricey tag. In fact, you are even saving more coz it's like having MULTIPLE products for the price of one. Will I repurchase? Yes, but in another shade. I wanna try the pink one next time.

Btw, if you noticed i finally decided to watermark. But not with all the pictures. I'll just choose which ones i like coz' i have the tendency to get lazy putting a mark on each and every shot..hehe!
Ta-ta! See ya:-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Olay Regenerist Anti-aging Eye Roller

My cousin gave this to me when she got back from US several months ago
Thanks cuz! Mwah!
Finally i have the energy to post about this:-)

I was an Oil of Olay user before i started lusting for bigger and more expensive brands. I only have good memories with this brand coz' i grew up trying and testing their products. And i LOVED most of them! A truckload of Shiseidos or Lancomes can never beat the thrill of finding CHEAP products that works!

 Looking back, i remember going to the grocery with my mom. I'd head straight to the toiletries section and check out what's new. I wanted to try all those beauty products on display! But of course i was still cash strapped and the only solution was my mom. I would sheepishly return to our cart with all my loots tucked behind me. When she's not looking i would quickly SNEAK a lipstick under the meat, a balm under the lettuce, and an OLAY cream under the can of tomatoes... whilst all the while pretending i'm only getting one item. Mind you, i wasn't satisfied with only 1 or 2 items. It had to be more! I learned the art of HAULING at a young age. And upon reaching the counter i would DISTRACT her with something while the cashier is busy punching my loots along with the grocery items. I'd always feign innocence everytime she wonders why the bill seems to be higher.

Eventually she discovered my style. So i didn't get it easy anymore. I had to put on that "please-have-mercy-on-me-look" and beg like a child even infront of other people (horrors!). After what seemed like eternity, i would finally get to CONVINCE her with promises of being a GOOD girl and getting BETTER grades next time. But the moment the cashier punches the items my brain's like, "What did we talk about again?" or "Nyak..nyak..nyak...goodluck on the grades part!" And the cycle goes on and on...tsk...tsk..silly girl!

Oops! I'm sorry for the incessant blabber, i got so carried away! It's just that Olay evokes these kinds of memories! Hehe :-)

Now back to the topic:

Just pump and pump...

And the juice will ooze...(sounds a bit?!)

Creamy and milky
Don't you dare think dirty...haha!

3 metal ball roller

I was pleasantly surprised that Olay came up with a roller stick. It makes application so much easier. It lessens tugging coz you won't need to use your fingers anymore. And the roller balls feels refreshingly COOL to the eyes...very soothing! But my weird mind sometimes worries about the hygiene part coz i'm afraid the balls might catch some "micro germs"... roll it back in...then roll it back out to my eyes again. And then they'd multiply until my eyes becomes one giant BLOB...duh?! Seriously speaking, that's possible right? Not the blob part but the germs. I just hope im wrong with this one.

I like to use it before sleeping
Or simply when i want to scrimp on my La Mer eye cream usage..hehe

The eye cream feels MOISTURIZING (of course that's what it's made for!). It doesn't flake unlike other creams that turns into solid particles like a deodorant once they dry up (don't you just hate that?). It just rests on my skin until it gets all absorbed. In fact, i sometimes use this as base prior to concealer application. I dab just a little under both eyes. It is quite excellent in making my concealer glide even better! It instantly SMOOTHENS out the creases.

This is a good option if you want some decent HYDRATION. It is not a miracle potion that will instantly remove those saggy bags and bothersome lines. It just keeps dryness away which in turn helps PREVENT wrinkles. If there's one thing i noticed, it DOES LESSEN eye puffiness( great after every major cry fest)!. Guess those cool roller balls really does some spanking action! Overall, i like this product and this time around i won't have to dupe or beg my mom for it anymore. Nyak...nyak...nyak! :-)

I'll leave you with a sneak peak of some hauls...

La Prairie stuffs

Will be reviewing some of these products soon...:-)

Thanks for the time!
Stay happy! :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tathion 307 Review and a Few Snapshots

Price: 2000pesos
Quantity: 90 tablets/one month supply

   Endowed with anti-allergic action and with the ability to enhance the liver function. Tathion acts upon allergic disorders (e.g. eczema, uticaria, and toxicoderma) in two respects, viz, the skin and liver. The compound also improves pigmentation of the skin by blocking the process of melanogenesis
Another beauty supplement favorite

Being a sucker for that fair and glowing complexion, i've tried a lot of beauty supplements in the market.Name it and chances are i've already tried it. I have sampled quite a LOT, from herbal tablets, to Sheep placenta pills and even those tacky looking Chinese pearl capsules. I'll try irregardless of any risks which is plain dumb! I literally made a guinea pig out of myself. Obviously, none of those pills worked which was a total waste of money! Good thing i've already stopped experimenting and stuck it out with products that worked for me.

Comes in blister pack

This is one of those supplements that really WORKS!. I learned about this thru a friend who i haven't seen for quite sometime. When i saw her again (3years ago) i was surprised at her transformation. She looked so much better than before! At first i can't quite pinpoint out what it is. I even thought she probably went under the knife. And then it hit me, it's her skin! It is so RADIANT and bright, made her look several years younger. So i asked her what she did and she excitedly told me about this tablet from Japan. Naturally i didn't need much convincing. Her gorgeous skin says it all! The next day i ordered my very first Tathion 307.

100mg each

During the first three months it is recommended that you take this tablet 3x a day plus 500 mg of vitamin C with each meal. On the fourth month you can lower your dosage to twice daily. When you have achieved your desired color, you can start taking only one tablet daily for maintenance

Since im on Saluta IV hiatus, i rely on this for maintenance


-lightens dark spot
-clears the skin
-refines pores
-prevents pimples/blemishes
-whitens the skin
-treats skin ulceration
-helps cure melasma
-enhances wound healing
-makes skin supple, fresh and radiant

 I've been taking this on and off for several years now coz' i've been alternating it with 2 other brands that i love -PH338 and Shiseido Purewhite EX (made a post about these two). I rely on PH338 for that rosy pinkish glow, Shiseido for lightening my sunspots and this one for overall brightening. Amongst the three, Tathion 307 gave me the BRIGHTEST glow. It was the fastest and most effective one in giving me that radiant fair skin. Leaving me with a well-rested, fresh and stress-free aura. My skin also seems clearer, finer and my breakouts lesser. It also works well with Collagen supplements like Meiji.

I can't help but compare how dull my skin used to look everytime i see old pictures of mine. I cringe at the thought of how carefree and complacent i WAS with my lifestyle. Smoking and staying up late like there's no tomorrow!...tsk...tsk! Fortunately some divine intervention took place and i DROPPED those vices like a hot potato before it would start taking its toll on my skin. Had it happened any later, the damages would have been irreversible and no amount of Tathion, PH338 or Shiseidos can fix that! It's so important that we practice clean living in order to maximize the effects of our beauty supplements. Oops, im getting OT now, sorry i got carried away and started reminiscing about the past. Hehe!

So ladies (and gentlemen?!) if ever you're considering of starting a regimen that includes oral supplements, i highly recommend this one.You will definitely see and feel your skin improve day by day. It's never too early to seriously start taking care of our skin. Tathion 307 will boost your skin to its optimal level. Remember, beauty starts from within...

Thanks for your time!
I will leave you with a few shots i took
A few days ago

City Sunset

The road unknown

Say hi to Zoe

See you all again soon!
Kick back, relax and enjoy your day! :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine SPF15 in Pink Glisten

Price- 1,100 pesos ($17 US price)

Lipstick and Lip treatment in one

When i was younger i used to be really crazy about matte lipsticks
I hated anything that has a sticky gloss to it
It felt icky and uncomfy on my lips
The last thing  i need is additional grease factor to my already oily existence
Oily face + Oily lips= disaster!
I also felt that matte looked better on me 
Since my lips are quite huge haha!

Has SPF15-a major plus!

Pink Glisten shade

But that was then...
When my lips were more supple and taut
As i got older fine lines and creases began to form
Sadly matte lipsticks only emphasized them more
So i started to appreciate lipsticks that moisturizes
Especially the glossy ones!

Sheer pink that glides so easily

Shimmery swatches

This treatment really feels moisturizing on my lips
It contains rejuvenating ingredients such as:
Shea butter, jojoba, cocoa, kernel, apricot and avocado oils
It also has Peptides, Paracress and vitamin C that
Stimulates collagen production for softer and smoother lips

The texture is just right...not too oily and greasy
Perfect for dry, flaky and chapped lips
My lips still felt soft even after the treatment is gone
But unfortunately, the color is not longlasting
So reapplications is a MUST!

Super soft lips! Yay!

The color is a bit too sheer for my pigmented lips
Just a hint of pink!
I had to layer it over several times to add more color
Coz' it's barely noticeable with one swipe
This lippie would be great for the shy girl-next-door type
Or for those who barely wears any makeup

The shimmers are so SUBTLE too
Very fine
Very pretty!

Will i repurchase? hmm... even if it's quite pricey
I'd still wanna try their other shades
Especially Berry and Papaya (coral)...
So if you want a 2 in 1 lipstick that treats and prettifies
This one is worth a shot!

Take care beauties!!! :-)