Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alma Vernis Bleu Galactic

A little peek-a-boo

The bleu galactic color is so stunning!

With my trademark globe keyring and rose pop pochette...
Dont they all look so cute together?
(my crappy camera didn't capture its stunning color)

   There's no doubt in my mind that this Alma bag is one of the prettiest bags in my collection. I got this last year when it just came out. It's literally an arm candy which never fails to elicit some oohs and aahs from complete strangers. Once, i was at a  mall in Singapore and this elderly white Caucasian seemed to be following me around. Since she didn't look dubious, I didn't mind. But i had a distinct feeling its all about my bag. And boy was i right! When she cannot hold herself anymore she politely tapped my shoulder to ask me where the nearest LV is. I told her Raffles hotel has an LV branch nearby. She said she can't help but ask coz she absolutely adores my bag. She was even staring at my bag the whole time she was asking me some details about this beauty. Then she regained her composure and went her way to God knows where...perhaps to buy one for herself. My fiancé can't help but smile at the effect this bag has on people.

   Of course I'm proud to carry this baby everywhere. I feel like a proud momma being complimented for having such a goodlooking kid. Even gays would unabashedly point at my bag and heave out a huge sigh. I have to admit that it always makes me feel good.

   Its Bleu Galactic vernis shade is simply gorgeous in real life. It's the kind of blue that looks rare and bright. I actually got this for the simple reason that I was blown away by it's stunning color. It surely tickles the eye.

   Inspired by the shape invented in the 30's by Gaston Vuitton, the Alma MM is a classic of the House. Hand held, this bag is covered with Monogram Vernis leather and is closed with a padlock.


- Monogram Vernis, lining in textile and trimmings in Monogram Vernis leather
- Golden brass pieces
- Integral closure by double zipper
- Two inside patch pockets and a cell phone compartment
- Hand held
- A padlock provides extra security for the closure of the bag
- Bottom studs to protect the base of the bag

   It is relatively easy to clean this vernis bag. You just need to wipe it with a soft cloth and that's it! But I did noticed that it's prone to scratches. That's why you have to be extra careful in using this bag. It's not the type that you can just throw around. And scratch damages are irreversible...which is a total bummer!

   Overall, this is a fabulous bag that you'll love to carry around town. My fave and trusty old globe keyring even complements it well. Like a burst of cute candy colors! It also goes well with either casual or formal outfits. Very handy and stylish. This purse has it all so it comes as no surprise that this is one of my all time favorite bag. Love it!  See you again soon! :-)

Take Care


Teenage Bride said...

you my dear have a divine collection and an amazing fashion sense.

erin said...

the color is so eye-catching! and yes, it's a very pretty bag! I love that story about the woman following you..stalker haha

Vintage and Cake said...

you are a lucky girl, love the colour of it. So lush :P


love the color of that lv bag!
come follow me xoxo

v a m p i r e said...

wow lucky you

i wonder when can i afford my own LV lol

but the best thing is the color , cos it look so young and edgy not like the typical LV design