Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mosbeau Glutawhite Gold

Simple and clean looking packaging
Each bottle contains 120 tablets
The ten essential ingredients for beautiful skin

   In the quest for that healthy and brighter skin, I tried another beauty supplement to see how well it will work with my skin. 

   I learned about Mosbeau through magazines and the Internet. Their catchy ads, promising lines and 10 potent ingredients definitely piqued my interest. So I didn't hesitate to try one.

It's supposedly better than glutathione!

Mosbeau Glutawhite Gold is made in Germany. It promises to deliver that rosy white glow in as short as 2 months with its 10 active ingredients. It contains plant extracts, vitamins and glutathione formulated to achieve younger looking and clearer skin. It also aims to banish those unsightly blemishes like dark spots. Plus, it's a powerful anti oxidant which is good for overall health.

    It contains 120 tablets per bottle. For faster skin whitening, it is recommended that you take up to 4 tablets a day. 2 tablets is enough to help you achieve a softer and fairer complexion. I got it for around 2,500 pesos or approximately $50. 

*There's no need to drink a separate vitamin C since the tablets already contains vitamin C.

The 10 Active Ingredients :

1.PLACENTAL PROTEIN - # 1 whitening and anti-aging ingredients in Japan. It erases wrinkles and prevents sagging.
2.COLLAGEN - has valuable amino acids that removes wrinkles, tightens and moisturizes the skin
3.GLUTATHIONE - detoxifies the body while making your skin whiter
4.VITAMIN C - primary vitamin that gives you a fairer and younger looking skin
5.ASUPARA GABA EXTRACT - cleanses the body while whitening your skin
6.GLYCINE - condition skin and energizes the body
7.COIX LYCYRMA JOBI SEED EXTRACT - a botanical extract that clarifies skin
8.SOYBEAN ISOFLAVONES - for radiant skin; it also promotes hormonal balance
9.LYCOPENE - an anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredient that is also good for the heart
10.B-CRP - effectively whitens skin; fights aging and protects you from diseases

My Verdict:

   I'm honestly quite disappointed with this product. Perhaps because I only finished one bottle and didn't notice any significant results at all. I can't help but compare it with the other supplements I've tried, in which I have seen dramatic changes in less than a month. I dunno. I think I'm the impatient type. My skin just remained the same. Not much lightening. My spots were still visible and my pores didn't get any smaller. 

   Oh, if there's one consolation...I did noticed that my skin seemed softer and silkier. Maybe the placental protein and collagen did work afterall! 

Unfortunately, I'm not after that. I'm after the rosy white glow and never got it. :-( 

   I don't think I'd still buy another bottle or recommend this to anyone. It's just not for me. Maybe it will work better with other skin types. I still prefer my trusted old beauty tablets! So, sorry to all those who swears by this. Just my personal opinion here. 

Well, that's all folks til' next time. Have a rosy white day! :-)



Em said...

I always wanted to have that rosy glowing cheeks :D but I'm scared of taking something in as it may have some bad effects with my uterus or something or contraindicate with my pills. So even if it's expensive I ship cyleina soaps here. I love the tomato soap.

Teenage Bride said...

Oh darn, too bad it didn't work. I am always a little leary about supplements. I hope youo find somehting that works for you !

Anonymous said...

I have tried this and was also disappointed with it! Ang mahal pa!

AyLin said...

I have tried, and I was dissapointed too.

Anonymous said...

i was planning to use it too sis. cos they say it gives rosy white glow. but after reading your blog about this product.. maybe il think again hehe. thanks sis. dami mong natutulungan sa mga blogs mo. :)


^Hi sis, I'm glad you appreciate my bLog. It means a lot to me. I'm just being honest based on what I personally experienced so I cannot say the same thing with other users. But in fairness to the product, I only consumed one bottle which might not have been enough. The thing is I get results with other brands even from just one bottle so I really can't say if it doesn't work for me then it won't work for others too. Hehe, hope you visit again:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i juz wnna ask what brands did u or are u using right now? And, roughly, how much? I live in canada and glutathione is not really available in the market anymore. However, im taking klairelabs reduced l-gluta 150mg. So far i havent seen any changes, maybe because i already have a fair skin. The thing is, i want a fairer skin. So hoping for ur response :) thanks


^hi right now I'm in California so the product I'm currently using IS jarrow glutathione which cost less than $30. Since I just started using it I noticed some minor changes that my skin is lighter and clearer. I add alpha lipoic acid and vit c. It seems like a good product. Will finish the bottle first cause I'm almost halfway thru it:-)