Tuesday, August 24, 2010

H&M Eyeshadows in Paris Avec Moi and Ciao Ciao Venice

Nice compact packaging
Sparkly brownish pink swatch
Sparkly white swatch

   If you want an eyeshadow that's  subtle yet pretty. Then this might be the one for you. The colors looks so natural and blends well with the skin. It's like having a "no makeup" makeup look. The sheer rosy brown shade of Paris avec moi definitely accentuates the eyes.

   While Ciao ciao Venice's shimmery white color is also a great eyeshadow base or highlighter. I sometimes use this on my brow bone or at the corner of my lids to add an extra sparkle to my eyes.

-subtle and classic earthy shades
-buildable colors
-great silky texture
-finely milled powder
-no creasing
-nice packaging
-very, very cheap 

-didn't last longer than I expected
-not heavily pigmented
-little brush applicators suck!

   Well for such a cheap price tag these eyeshadows aren't that bad at all! You can experiment with as many shades as possible without denting your pocket. They are good for everyday use when all you want to do is look pretty especially with its decent and wearable colors. Also I didn't experience any allergic reactions or any eye irritations to it.

   I'd definitely buy more and enjoy a variety of looks that these shadows can deliver. If your still an amateur in eye makeup then it's just right to start with these lovely gems. Well, that's all for now. Til next time again my gorgeous ladies:-)



Lautert Fotografia said...

OI muito obrigado, volte sempre.
Também adorei seu blog, voltarei sempre.
(HI thank you, come back often.
I also love your blog, ever come back.

The Beautifier said...

I am really keen on trying some H&M nail polishes, have read some really good reviews about them, have you tried them, girl? xoxo


^ I have major issues with my nails coz they're so brittle that's why I've long given up on having that vavavoom nails hehe...so they're just short, dull and boring:-) mwah!

augustalolita said...

these are lovely!! i love the subtle color and sparkle <3