Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chino Goes For A Drive

Chino: "Sshhh! Don't bother me. Gotta concentrate while driving!"
"I just sped thru red light, is that ok?"
HONK!HONK! "Stupid slowpoke drivers! Hurry up!"
"Nearing home now, whew! traffic was so gnarl bad!"


   There are moments when we take Chino out for a drive. Especially when he starts looking sad, restless and bored at home. It's one of his favorite treats. A joyride! He loooves riding cars so much that he goes crazy every time we say "LET'S GO!!!" because he knows he's going out.

   He is very attentive and likes to observe the sights outside. Sometimes it makes me wonder what goes inside his tiny doggie brain. What is he thinking? How exactly does he feel? Is his "happiness" similar to our human joy? It would be awesome if we can all read what's inside our dogs' mind! 

   I read that dogs are as smart as 2-year-old babies. True or not it sounds fascinating. Imagine they can understand up to 150 basic words. And are as capable as humans in deceiving?

You can check the link below: 

Dog Intelligence on Par with a Two-Year-Old Human

   Chino is such a wily dog. I'm not surprised coz he's a poodle which ranks second when it comes to the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds. He will insist and maneuver his way to where he likes to be. Not even the loudest "No!" from me could stop him from getting what he wants. He'll manipulate us by whining and crying. Sometimes he would even crawl from under the carseat or if not slowly inch his way when he thinks that no ones looking. Of which I almost always give in...tsk...tsk...And he has one particular annoying habit. He LIKES to sit infront.

                DRIVING TO WORK

Infront of the wheel!

   He loves to sit at the lap of whoever is driving. At first it was ok. We even found it cute. We just pretend he's a little boy eager for his car ride. But little did we know the dangers and hazards of it until we nearly figured into an accident. 

   Upon sudden brake, Chino was thrust downwards. And his body somewhat blocked the gas pedal area. So I had to act fast in retrieving him below coz we were momentarily stucked in the middle of a fast-moving highway. We could've easily gotten hit by speeding cars at the back. Man, that was really scary! 

   So that was the end of Chino's behind-the-wheels days. Good thing nobody was harmed. Eventually he realized that he could no longer sit where he wants to be so he stopped pestering us. He even found his next favorite spot. The passenger seat. 

   Only goes to show that he uses his brain in trying to manipulate which makes me doubt if I use mine for giving in...have I just been outsmarted by my dog? Arf...arf...Take care Ya' all! Hehe:-)

        Dog City Animation Desk



Elecat said...

Cute! It could've been a funny insurance call though, 'ummm... well my dog was trying to drive and...", lol. Glad that no one was hurt. ....oh, and yes: I think that your dog may be manipulating you as my young daughters do me. :D

Emmaleigh said...

aww Chino is sooo cuteee! I wish I'm not afraid of dogs haha I only can look them from far far away or from pictures but never dare to touch them in real life ;(

Thank goodness! nobody got hurt ;) at least now you guys are aware that dogs shouldn't be allowed to be seated up front or on the driver's lap.

*♥ Ivy Wiesi ♥* said...

OMG, this is so cute!!! =))))) great wishies from vienna... ivy

pumkyn said...

wow, that's pretty crazy! Like you said, I'm glad no one was hurt. Your dog is so smart. :) I know some people's dogs will repeat the same thing over and over and over again, even though result is the same thing each and every single time.

masterofboots said...

This is such a cute dog! i quite believe it knows what it is doing.

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

whoaaa....what a cute dog!!! haha I am a dog lover too ^^

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Anonymous said...

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Camille(SHOBE) said...

i just cant resist leaving a comment on this one..its waaaaayyy toooo coool!haha.go chino