Friday, August 27, 2010

LV Ursula Strass Sunglasses beloved Ursula Strass shades! 

   It was literally love at first sight the moment I saw this. I just knew it's the right one for me. And I was right. It just fits me to a T! Considering the fact that i find it quite hard to find sunglasses that will flatter my face. The style compliments me and enhances my best features. The frame size is also perfect. And not like one of those "it's-so-huge-I-look-like-a-bumblebee thingie". 

   Its rich brown color matches most of my bags and outfits. It basically goes with anything and everything. So obviously, it's one of my "I-can't-live-without" daily staples. A definite must-have! The brown acetate-framed shades has that adorable trademark monogram flower logo with Strass crystals at the hinges. Another distinctive feature is the tiny logo etched at the top of the right lens. The gradient lenses also provide total protection from harmful UV rays. 

      If only it doesn't look stupid to wear shades during gloomy weathers and evenings, I would've used it all day and night. This pair has been my constant companion in most of my travels abroad. So it really holds a special place in my heart. It makes each pose look effortlessly chic and at the same time making me feel glamorous from within. I'd feel incomplete without it... 

   This is truly worth its pricey tag! The perfect weapon from too much partying and sleeplessness. It's just the quickest and easiest way to hide those annoying dark circles and eyebags. And you can even go out without makeup and still feel confident coz you know you have it. It's like a security blanket or a bestfriend who wont let you down during beauty 911's especially when you dont want the world to see you at your worst. It will protect you from all kinds of annoying "Why-do-you-look-like-shit" stares and glances. No need to be too self-conscious anymore...and all done in STYLE! What more can you ask for? Hehe... Take care sweeties! :-) 

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Karen said...

hehe I'm on the hunt myself for a pair of perfect sunglasses that will provide that level of comfort, style and of course sun protection! Your sunglasses are gorgeous, no need to say more :D

StyleFrost said...

Love these sunglasses, so chic!

Anonymous said...

This is so nice, love to have these pair:-)