Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lioele Magic Whitening Cream and After Damage Mask


Lioele Magic Whitening Cream - 50g 

   You can see and feel immediate brightening effect with this product. It  has Arbutin which is known to be the most powerful ingredient available in the market to fade stubborn dark spots, blotches and scars. This fast acting cream will give you a clearer and more beautiful complexion in half the time while protecting your skin from pollution. Gentle on the skin. It also contains a Double Whitening Function which has a correcting effect on skin tone so that you can apply it slightly even when you go out.

   I just noticed that its rich, thick and milky blend casted a white shade on my face. My fiancé hated it coz he said my face looks so pale and unnatural during bedtime. But after awhile it blends with my natural skin color. It did somehow lessened those dark spots and made my skin look brighter.  

After Damage Mask

   I use it on days when I feel stressed out and tired. It's clear greenish gel has that slight aqua fragrance that is relaxing to the senses. You'll instantly feel its cooling effect upon application. I usually let it stay for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.  Minty and refreshing! It soothes, purifies and reinvigorates dull skin.   

     By the way, both packaging is nice and easy to use for travelling. No more messy applications or fear that the cream might splatter all over your toiletries. It has the convenient pump design which makes you control the amount of cream you want to apply. Just a small pea-size amount definitely goes a long way.

   So there you have it! I'd definitely buy another set on my next travel to hk as I've never seen it being sold locally. It's not pricey and it works for me. Hope it'll work for you too! Have a great Sunday evening dear lovelies:-)



Em said...

wow! I hope I find that here too on ebay or something.. looks interesting and tempting for my dark spots/sun damaged skin and some acne scars =))

Angie said...

thank you for the reviews! i have a lot of acne scars too but i'm just all around too tan in the cali sun lol

Angie said...

haha i like how you said wowee :D thank you sweetie!

Teenage Bride said...

ooh I would just get it becasue I like the bottle lol

I have a give away over at my blog. Check it out!

clumsyliz said...

I saw this one on ebay kaso wala yung isa. after damage lang. ok ba whitening? maputi ka na eh! hehe