Sunday, April 25, 2010

DHC Collagen Tablets

The first time I heard of DHC was only around late last year when I was in Bangkok. I saw a lot of DHC products being sold from numerous kiosks around the city. I was attracted with the collagen's bright pink packet. When I asked the seller regarding the tablets, I almost forgot that i'm in another land and there's always that language barrier problem. The poor lady tried her darnest best for me to understand what she was trying to convey. I almost choked from suppressing my laughter when she started doing her pantomime explanation. Out of sheer desperation, she mimicked the drawings pictured below the packaging. She sucked her cheeks over and over until they looked so hollow and then she gave me a very sad face. Then she pointed at the pack and pretended to drink a pill. For her finale, she made her cheeks balloon  with air to make them look so full and began pinching her skin several times until finally she flashed me her biggest smile. I wanted to clap and shout Bravo! Haha! I was so amused with her that I was almost tempted to point out each and every DHC supplement for her to mime one by one but my pretty heart won over that inner bitch in me. And it doesn't hurt that the price is very low if I remember correctly it was around 500 baht.

Since the product is written in Japanese and I was too lazy to google for the proper intake , I decided to take 2 tabs 3x a day with each meal. It took me a long time before I was able to finish all the tablets as there were days when I'd forget to pop em'. But irregardless, I noticed that my cheeks DID get softer and more supple. My skin felt moisturized and not as dry anymore. It's a good buy for such a cheap price. I will definitely buy this product again. Thanks to that funny seller who led me to this great discovery. Makes me wanna mime 'i heart your dhc collagen' back at her face!

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Dea アンドレア said...

I take five pills! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to know more about the Collagen Tablets because i am not satisfied with this article..

Anonymous said...

I love these pills! It is $7 for a 20 day supply but I found a drug store that sells 60 day supplies for $10 in Japan.

I am about to make a video about these pills on youtube in the next coming weeks. I have been taking these pills and other DHC collagen products for awhile now and love them. My skin is really smooth and moisturized. I take 6 a day but I take them all at once in the morning when I wake up.

Look for the video youtube by searching mencancaretoo.