Friday, July 30, 2010

Double Tagged!

   Hi! I was tagged by these two witty and funny ladies, Mara of Be Like What  and Em of Myfingerstyping. You should check out their interesting, clever and amusing posts:-)

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    1.If you could go back in time and change something, what would it be and why? 

   I'd choose a different college course. Something that I really want like Literature or Psychology. But I was too undecided and lazy then, so I just went with whatever my mom suggested...and ended up with something I'm not totally into-design related. I feel I wasted college years by not taking it seriously. Copying notes. Paying my classmates to do my projects. Bribing my professors with gifts. Acting dumb and cutesy and just passing time thinking about stupid things like branded bags,makeup and cutting classes. Guilty as charged. I truly regret what I did. Shallowness to the nth level!*cringe*. 
                            school sucks

2.What's the best moment in your life?

   Have a lot! But mostly it's travelling to exotic places with my love ones.  Discovering unexplored places. Basking in all it's beauty. Aaaah priceless!

3.What do you miss from your childhood?

   Simple joys. Innocence. Child like wonder about life. The world was my playground. I was less jaded then. Now my mind's polluted. Haha!
                       boy girl jumping on bed

4.What's your favorite makeup brand?

   I love Benefit and its sassy and quirky packaging. It's really eyecatching and I just love their products. Been using them for years. 
                           Benefit makeup

5.What's your skincare must haves?

   Eye cream. Exfoliating soap, moisturizer and face mask.   

6.What's your go-to makeup?

   Concealer! for my Panda eyes. I can live without using other makeup except for this one!

7.What's the one thing you wish you could do but can't?

   I wish I can sing well. But I don't have the voice. My fantasy is to sing operatic songs like Sarah Brightman and receive a standing ovation. My dresser would be overflowing with flowers congratulating me on my splendid voice. Haha!  
                                  SARAH  BRIGHTMAN

8.What was your childhood dream and what happened to it? (Did you abandon it, are you working on it, or are you living the dream?)'

   Not yet. I have a secret dream of publishing something that will be a big hit. A la Sex and the City. Haha! Better to dream big than none at all!

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1. Do you wanna be the opposite sex for a day?Just out of curiosity?

   Yes! So I'd know how it feels like to have a weiner. It would be cool to write my name while peeing. I'd also like to court a girl and laugh my butt off as she tries to act all giggly and cutesy! I'm baaad! Good thing I became a girl or I'd be gay by now!
                            boy peeing

2. Do you wanna have a reality show and get your life filmed at least 3 times a week?

   No, privacy is still best for me. I don't want the whole world to know my skeletons. I have lots! Haha! The thought of complete strangers feasting about my stupidity and flaws is just unimaginable! My life would be a circus.

3. Do you think you can handle the Presidency job? (of a country of course, not the classroom presidency).

  No, I'd be a hypocrite if I say yes. I already have a lot of things to think about to even consider the country's whole problem. My brain will explode! So I'd leave it to those able and SANE people. Haha!
                            Bush Globe

4. Is there someone whose feelings you've hurt recently?

   Yes my loved ones. I don't like causing pain to them. I'd rather take it all in. But I'm always misunderstood :-(
                            SAD EMO/BROKEN HEART

5. What's your jologs attitude?

   I like watching Cinema One and laugh my ass off with those Classic Tagalog movies like "Inday Inday sa Balitaw" something or "Petrang Kabayo" haha major laughtrip coz the movie effects/ dialogues are so outdated and corny. Cheap pleasures:-)      
                            Cartoon TV

6. If you are allowed to change one thing from your physical feature, what would it be and why?

   My feet, I want it to look pretty, narrow and dainty. Not wide and squat like mine:-(

7. Have you ever felt jealous over a friend's success?

   Yes. But after awhile I start to feel happy for them. Haha! Makes me want to better myself even more.  

8. What's the wildest thing you've done as a teenager? and did your parents found out about it?
   By midnight, I'd put a long pillow on my bed and cover it with blankie so my parents will think it's me sleeping. Then I'd sneak out via window to meet up with friends and come back early morning. It went well for awhile until my 2 nosey sisters squealed on me! And I got the biggest lashing!

  Thats all folks! I tag everyone, those who wants to answer these interesting questions. Just let me know so I can go check it out too:-) hugs to everyone!


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Marie said...

What a fun read!:D

I agree, innocence was such a beautiful thing!:D

I love Benefit too!:D
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