Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 18

I adore its cute cube packaging
Razzle dazzle glittery eyes...here i come!
Eye candy colors!
Pastel shimmery shades

   The cute cube packaging is the first thing that caught my eye. I am sometimes guilty of purchasing makeups just because of how it looks like. It's like falling in love with a goodlooking person without bothering to get to know them first...hehe!

   So off I left The Body shop carrying an item I'm not sure of yet I'm infatuated with. All i know is that I have a clear plastic cube with 4 tiny cubes of eyeshadows inside...its like having cubes within a cube. And I have 4 shades of shimmering colors that looks so pretty to the naked eye. With that i'm already sold! 

   When I got home, I immediately put to test my latest acquisition. 

-cute packaging
-pretty metallic colors
-can be used wet( for more intense color), dry( for lighter, sheerer effect)
-each cube could last for almost like forever
-colors are versatile, so can be blended together
-lasts all day
-doesn't crease

-after awhile it can get a bit messy
-if your the "too lazy" type it can be quite a hassle to open one lid after another
-quite pricey
-not all the colors in the palette are to my liking

   It's a great eyeshadow! The color combination complements each other well. For daytime, I use it dry for that shimmery, light and sparkly glow. For nightime, in order to achieve a more dramatic look I apply it wet so that the color pops out even more. It also helps to make it last longer.

   This is a great buy. When I tried it I realized I loved it even more. Now it's like falling in love beyond looks alone but with a deeper understanding and appreciation to it.:-) 


sexylegsandbody said...

What can I say? I am deeply disappointed in you!! :-( No pic to illustrate what the make up looks like on your face. hehe... So when will we see it? I love the turquoise color, I think that will look stunning.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for leaving a thought on my last post, love hearing from you!

Jannie said...

wow. awesome review there. i really love this palette's shimmery, metallic colors. i was wowed with the swatches too. i especially like the minty blue and green colors. they are so pretty and refreshing to the eye. :)

thanks for the comment on my collection. they sure are nice to play with. especially at the times when i get bored. hehe...

take care and thank you so much for the review. i'm glad the shadows worked out for you even when you saw them for the very first time. :)

Teenage Bride said...

OOOOH I want it. I love shimmer. I have body shimmer from Victoria Secret but this looks exciting!

Angie said...

aww they look so cute! what adorable packaging and so much product. i would definitely wear them wet for more colour hehe :)

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!


Thank you sweeties for dropping by! Appreciate the thoughtful thoughts. Haha, btw Colin haha sorry to disappoint ya but my monkey brows are still unshaven and looks as thick as the amazon forest, I surely don't want to show the world that, haha! But I'll try my darnest best next time:-)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Those colors are GORGEOUS! Wow! I really love them!! :D I must go to the Body Shop now! I love the frostiness of the colors. Might go great as a highlighter for the brow bone as well :)

Festy said...

Great post.
I like your blog.


.hopeful. said...

Oh I love the colors! Great review...and great blog.


Shen said...

i so get what you mean about packagings. :) i am quite guilty of that myself before.. not so often now that I've kinda wasted money too much. i prefer to get to know them better. :) hehehe!

but i agree about TBS eye shadows.. it is amazing. i have something similar from their summer 10 collection. great for night time look. :)

libys11 said...

great color palette!!! great for both day and night!!! nice review! :D

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Anonymous said...

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Beauty Addict said...

I have one of those too. I often wear them wet, as you do get a much better colour pay off. It makes your eyes pop!

have you tried the brown set?

Also, I simply throw away the small lids. It makes so much easier!