Monday, July 5, 2010

Acmedica Face Powder

Teeny tiny round face powder
Separate compartment for sponge...hygienic!
Made in Japan
Nice flower design in the middle...i hated to destroy it :-)
Powder is soft blue in color that becomes translucent with skin

   If you have annoying oily skin like mine and you hate putting loads of makeup coz it makes your face look unnattractively cakey, then this teeny tiny powder might just save the day!

   At first, it sure feels scary to try the blue powder, I'm sure nobody likes to look like smurfs. In case you don't know what smurfs are, they are tiny blue-colored cartoon characters popularized during the 80's. Ok i know im exagerrating a bit here, i just wanted to insert and write about smurfs coz i find them cute, haha! now lets go back to the main what I've mentioned, the finely-milled blue powder actually becomes translucent once applied to skin. It instantly absorbs unwanted oils and grease, leaving your face matte and shine free! 

   I didn't experience any skin irritations or breakouts. Which is good when you have sensitive skin. I like that the sponge has a compartment of it's own for hygienic purposes. The packaging is so small it could practically fit in the palm of your hand. Its a perfect on the go makeup coz it's very handy. The only thing is that it sort of feels weird whenever I apply it coz it's so small and I'm used to regular-sized compacts.

   I forgot the price of this one but I remember it being so cheap. It's great for casual everyday use. My makeup still looks fresh even after a sweaty day, thanks to this. Just a few light pats and voilà! No more shine! Acmedica face powder is so small, so cheap and so convenient. That's all folks! Have a happy week ahead:-)




Angie said...

ooh this looks really handy! pretty flower design too

Rinny said...

I'm with you on the blue - I have never seen a blue face powder! But that's pretty cool how it turns translucent on skin. Kind of similar to those HD silica powders...except this one is prettier in color haha

Anonymous said...

Hi! Where did you buy this powder?


Hi i bought this at Sasa in HK:-)