Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maybelline Power Concealer & was Tagged!

   Hello peeps! I decided to do a double post today. So I tried making this one as short as possible so I won't bore you all to death.
Handy tube casing
Sponge tip applicator
Got the ivory shade
Swatch on my skin
Blends after awhile

   I bought this Maybelline Power Concealer just for the sake of buying. I know I don't need one coz i still have enough to last me for several years even if I get stranded in an island. But the intriguing mineral line was what got me to buy one. Was so curious about it's results!
So I'll give a quick rundown of my observations...

-covered my circles
-matte finish
-handy tube casing
-blends easily
-cheap drugstore product

-I wasn't impressed with its thick and grainy looking coverage
-didn't look natural on me
-not picture friendly, from black circles  it became white circles
-not longlasting

   Not the greatest product. Just don't expect too much from this concealer. You'll just get disappointed! I'll probably only use it when all the nice concealers in the world becomes extinct and I have no other choice. I didn't feel confident wearing it. In fact, I think it even highlighted my circles by making them look too light. It didn't even last til bedtime. Now, it's a grim reminder of my silly purchase. 

   But wait...I'd highly recommend this to all the bad girls. To all the bullies out there. Trust me, you will never see anything like this! This product will absolutely make you pretty. It will banish your circles and problems like magic. You'll have the loveliest eyes in town! And im sure you will love me even more after trying this gem. So what are you waiting for? Run to your nearest store before it's too late! ;-)
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                         Image by FlamingText.com

  Hello there! I've been tagged by the sweet and lovely Carmen of Carmen's Lala-Land. 8 interesting questions here. Really had fun answering them:-)
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1. If you were exiled to a desert island, what 3 ITEMS would you take with you?
a. Gun- I'll use it to shoot animals 
           I can eat for meals
b. Hammock- so I can relax and sleep          
            all day 
c.. Diary- I need something to write my boredom away. 


2. If you were invisible for the day, what would you do?

   I'd rob a bank or steal stuffs from LV or Chanel...haha just kidding! Seriously I'd eavesdrop at the conversations of people I know, then I'd tell them right in their faces what I've heard. Bet the reactions would be priceless! 

                          bank rob anim

3. What's the most embarrassing situation you've found yourself in? and no, not something mild like 'i had lipstick teeth on a hot date'..I want proper dirt!

   One time I was out with my friends and I needed to go to the toilet badly. But we were stuck in heavy traffic. My facial expression was indescribable. Every second was complete agony. When I cannot hold it any longer, I got out of the car in the middle of the street and ran as fast as I can to the nearest gasoline station. My friends were all shocked! And our plan was cut short. But when you gotta go, you gotta go! 

                          running with scissors

4. What is your signature scent?

   Narciso Rodriguez. My man's ultimate favorite perfume on me. Such an irresistable and alluring scent!

                 Narciso Rodriguez for her perfume

5. What are your 5 favourite songs?

1. "Somewhere in Time"-piano version
     (makes me feel romantic & lost in 
2. "No Ordinary Morning"-Chicane
     (when I'm mad, I drive with this
      music loud. Makes me wanna ram
      my anger away!)
3. "Music of the Night"-Phantom of   
                    The Opera
     (makes me swoon and sigh!)   
4. "Peepshow"-50 Cent
     (my nasty&naughty song)
5. "There For Me"-Sarah Brightman
     (my feeling sentimental song)


6. If you could make a limited edition MAC collection, what would the theme be?

   Diamonds and black lace would be sexy. 

                    Black Lace & Diamonds

7. Where would you like to be 10 years from now?

   Married with 2 kids. Watching fireworks! White picket-fence house. Poodles running around the garden. Husband giving me the best back massage. Me wearing pearls while having afternoon tea parties with my ladies. Hehe!
                        July 4th Fireworks Night Multicolor Family Group Watch Watching Happy Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif

8. What makes you smile?

   Waking up beside Mr G. Knowing that he loves me too warms my heart. Better than a hot cup of cappuccino;-)

My questions would be:

1. Would you consider having plastic surgery when you start having  wrinkles?
2. Where's your fantasy date?
3. Name the countries you'd like to       visit? 
4. What would you do if you won 1million dollars?
5. If you could ask a genie for 3 wishes what would they be?
6. What's are your pet peeves?
7. What makeup product can't you live without?
8. Who inspires you?

And the WITTY tag-ees are:


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*~kAy~* said...

haha i'll make sure not to get that concealer then :P
thanks for the review :)

Karen said...

I'll pass on the concealer ;) but thanks for the tag! I'm exciting that you came up with some fun questions for me. I'll get that up on my next post so watch for it! Wow your ideal activity for being invisible is a little evil, but I'm not saying I wouldn't want to do something similar hehe.

libys11 said...

oh gosh.. you tagged me! have to get around to answering those sooner or later. hahaha!

anyway, re: the concealer.. i agree.. i tried that and i think they don't offer a lot of colors/shades.. i ended up with something that was a bit lighter than my skin tone so yeah, black circles to white circles!

Animated Confessions

Em said...

tagged you back ;) http://myfingersrtyping.blogspot.com/2010/07/its-been-while.html

thank you again for tagging me, I love tag games :D

Missfittgirl said...

I love that you'll only use the concealor after all of the other concealors in the world are extinct........ haha