Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LV Epi Lockit Cassis

Top view

Rich purple shade

With my fave globe charm key ring

   It's Epi Lockit Cassis turn today for my bag spotlight! I got her February of last year when I wanted something different from the LV line that's not "monogramish".

   I opted for the subtle, understated epi line coz I love how the feathered leather texture looks like. I also dont have to worry about unsightly patina stains or marks since i could just easily wipe the dirt off. It's basically a fuss-free bag that I could just toss anywhere!

   The deep purple shade gives off that elegant appeal which complements the lockit shape. It's not your typical violet shade. The color is so rich and vivid. But I also have to think which colors i should wear whenever i use this. Usually I pair it with white, black, beige or gray tops.

   It's quite small but spacious enough to carry my necessities. Its zip up top provides extra protection for my things. Since it's handcarry I make sure all the things I'm bringing are light so as not to have sore fingers:-)

   To sum it all up, this bag is great for everyday casual wear. It's not as eye catching as some of my bags but it still exudes that sophisticated glamour in a mild way. Eventhough I rarely get to use her, she still comes handy whenever I'm not in the mood to use my monograms...I love her in a special way. Like a mother to a middle child who craves for more attention and affection:-) until then! Xoxo!


Tinja said...

wow! envy ;)

LADY JOAN said...


Ms. Wedgie said...

My goodness...that is one pretty darn sexy bag! I love the colour! :)

Ansa said...

OMG! I love it. Beatiful :)

sugar sugar said...

That's soooo nice! Super love it! :) said...

loves it!!
may i climb in?

StyleFrost said...

What a gorgeous bag, love the colour, really chic! x

Veronica Anita said...

gosh, the bag is so awesome !!

Successful Failure

Rinny said...

That's a beautiful bag! So envious haha.

And thanks for visiting and subscribing to my blog, I am following yours too now :)

Make-up by Dina said...

omg this is very very very very cool :x romania is really hard to find these bags are very strong and expensive. the purple is absolutely beautiful .what price have?


Hi Dina it's priced at around $1040 US dollars. It's so worth it:-) and thank you girls for your sweet comments:-)