Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Things I'm Loving Now

   Hello ladies! Just wanna share some of the items that i'm currently loving...been using and reusing them with different outfits. Mixing, matching and experimenting...wherever my mood takes me(except for the gloves, of course!). So here it goes...

1. Anne Klein drop earrings

   I love the design of these gold danglers. I like how the looped chains connect in the middle giving it a soft, layered look!. The only downside is it's quite heavy(but manageable). Nonetheless, the style looks perfect on my ears...It's great for partying and going out.

2. Narciso Rodriguez perfume

   Sexy,sexy,sexy scent! It's my man's ultimate favorite perfume on me. Even strangers have stopped me just to ask what scent i'm using. The smell evokes mystery and sophistication. I like to wear it when I want to feel glamorous.
   Everytime I use this, no matter how mad he is at me... He just gives in and succumbs! It's a smell I guess that no man can't  resist!

3. Flower brooches by H&M

   On days when I'm feeling blah about what I'm  wearing, I  just whip out these pretty flowers and pin it on my top. It immediately makes me look stylish with minimal efforts. It has the power to liven and "divafy" plain clothes. Comes in 2 colors, bronze and black.

4. Kenneth Cole Peeptoe Geometric Heels

   Another sexy dazzler for plain or solid colored outfits. It's vivid geometric prints never fails to add oomph to my ensamble. I particularly like the peeptoe effect. Dainty, feminine and chic! Loving it!

5.The Body Shop Facial Gloves

   When too much dirt and dead skin cells have accumulated on my face because of hectic schedule and busy  lifestyle, these cute lilac gloves are reliable to instantly slough away old skin cells  to reveal a fresher and newer skin underneath. Perfect when I'm feeling stressed or tired coz it makes me feel squeaky clean and brand new. Gentle even on sensitive skin. A great buy!

   So there you go, the top 5 items that im enjoying now. Do you also have any current favorites? Care to share? Have a wonderful weekend you guys! Love and Kisses;-)


maki said...

been snobbing the body shop's gloves for the longest time. hehe.. it is good after all. maybe i'll buy


Haha used to snob it too, but since I got it for free and got to try it I was like whoa! Must not snob anymore!;-)

givemefashionnow said...

that stuff is amazing! I love those earings!
i followed your blog! follow mine back?

Make-up by Dina said...

very very nice!!!like this bloooggg:)

pumkyn said...

I'll have to check that perfume out next time I'm out.