Tuesday, June 1, 2010

H&M Eyeshadow in "I Am Stunning"

3 stunning color combo of  yellow gold,turquoise and taupe brown
Product info below
Swatch test
How it looks on my eyes...
Applying eyeshadow is not really my forte so pls bear with this shot...:-)

   Here's another H&M gem that I got in HK. The trio combination is stunning to look at. Thus, the name "I Am Stunning". The packaging is simple and comes with a wand applicator. But I prefer to use my brushes for a more precised look.

   I actually think I'm the last person on earth who could execute amazing eyeshadows. I get pretty clueless when it's time to apply and mix the shades. I envy those girls who could exquisitely apply eye makeup even with eyes closed. I believe it's a talent not everyone has.

   So a little brush here, and a little brush there is what I do. Nevermind that sometimes I end up looking like a clown coz I just adore the colors that comes with each palette. And the ironic thing is I love eyeshadows but I still can't somewhat perfect my eye skills...sigh!

   Anyway, this trio comes in yellowish gold, turquoise and taupe brown shades. All glittery. It stays put quite decently even after I sweat. The powder blends seamlessly in my eyes and it's rich pigments looks exactly the same when applied to my eyes. It's a good buy for such a cheap price. I'd highly recommend this for those who have a tight budget.

   So if you wanna look stunning for a fraction of a cost, go for it! Darn, I still wish I had Midas touch with eyeshadow application so that I'll be able to maximize all my eye hauls to their fullest potential. Tata!

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Amanda said...

I love the colors and your eyebrows!