Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Benefit On the Sly Gabbi Red Lipstick

Benefits' simple but sassy looking tube

Nice compact size

Funky name for a lippie

I like its flat shaped tip

Highly pigmented red color that doesnt look too strong

Distinct logo

How it looks on my skin

Lovely looking shade of red that doesnt scream "RED"
Took this shot while im sipping ice cappuccino

   This is my everyday red lipstick because the color is not too strong and looks so natural. The first thing I love about Benefit lipsticks is that they feel so soft on my lips.

   Upon application you'll immediately feel it's moisturizing effects. It glides effortlessly and smoothly. The color is even. It's rich creamy texture melts with the skin.

   It's also quite longlasting. It stayed put even after eating and drinking. I never experienced any flaking or drying on my lips even after prolongued use. Plus it's black tube casing looks chic and sleek so you can whip it out in style when you need to retouch.

   "On the Sly" Gabbi's shade is the perfect color for that everyday casual look. It doesn't scream whorish red. It blends and enhances your natural liptone. If you're the type of girl who's shy or afraid of wearing bold red tones then this is the right one for you. It's deep muted color will flatter any skin tone.

   All you have to do is smile that pretty smile then you're all set! So loooving it! Mwah!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous colour! i love the benefit lipsticks so much :) haha maybe ill be brave and branch out to try some reds! thank you for commenting btw <33


Yeah this shade is good for the not so brave...hehe.thanks for dropping by!

Joan said...

like the color!