Monday, June 21, 2010

L'Oreal Hip Eyeshadows

High intensity colors that seems to pop!
Cute round casing
Boisterous & Stunning shades
Wand application
Swatch on my skin~yellow,turquoise,salmon and plum shades

   I love the funky colors and combinations of L'Oreals Hip duo. It reminds me of pop art. Its bright and vivid shades truly captures the eye.

-high intensity pigments
-buildable colors
-smooth application
-stunning color combinations
-nice packaging
-a drugstore brand so easily accesible
-cheap,cheap and cheap

-I can't think of any cons coz it basically covered all the important criterias that I want in an eyeshadow 

   It's no brainer that these eyeshadows are obviously a great buy. I would love to buy all the colors and experiment all day! I love how they make my eyes look bright and cheery. They don't crease or rub off. A cheaper alternative to more expensive brands like MAC but just as good! Def a good dupe. And the colors really stays true. It's simply awesome!:-)       


maki said...

where to buy?


I don't know if I'm gonna be of any help here coz I bought mine at CVS pharmacy in US hehe. Havent checked pa if they sell here:-)

nisa-chan said...

thank u for ur sweet comment on my blog :)

nice review!! makes me wanna buy l'oreal hip eye shadow >__<

*~kAy~* said...

pretty nice colors! :) I don't own any of these yet :P

Miss Krimson said...

:D you bought them!! I love these shadows... they are honestly one of the best quality drugstore brand eyeshadows I have found.

arsyparsy said...

wow those look really good! i want some now :( i'm broke as it is!!!! btw thanks for following and commenting babe ♥ :)

Angie said...

those are crazy bright! i'll have to grab some for a lady gaga fotd or something :D

inge luciana said...

the eyeshadow colors are so pretty. so soft and cute

Alby said...

I bought one of these on a whim, the color is like a salmon color & a dark brown. Like you mentioned there really are no cons about it, lol. Though I found it funny I kept hearing a rattling noise from the little case until I realized there was a tiny mirror & applicator inside, hahaha.

pumkyn said...

You are so pale!

It is pretty awe inspiring that you can pull these colors; I'd look like a clown. :D