Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

   Carmex is a classic lip balm that's been tried and tested  by countless women over the years. In fact many makeup artists swear by its effectiveness. During photoshoots, I have encountered this balm being used by the great makeup gurus before they prep my mouth for lipstick.

   Dont be deceived by its small size. Its tiny but cute packaging packs a whole mighty punch of balm power enough to last for a long long time! It's opaque yellow cherry flavored balm smells tasty enough to eat. It instantly removes those icky lip flakes and moisturizes dry chapped lips. It's even less sticky than my all-time fave Smiths Rosebud Salve. Actually, this is my second favorite lipbalm. I usually apply this at night before sleeping to make sure my lips stay healthy and pampered all night.

   Its basically just a simple balm with a simple objective...to provide  soft and kissable lips to everyone. Carmex is definitely a must have in every makeup junkie's bag. It's sweet, simple and soothing. Need I say more? ;-)



Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

im a fan of this lipbalm, but i prefer the mint flavor in click stick packaging =)


Haven't tried that yet...hmmm I'll be on the lookout for the mint flavor. Thanks for the info sis:-)

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