Monday, June 14, 2010

H&M Sandals

Sideview...i like the heels
The faux snakeskin looks nice
How it looks like from afar (without camera flash)
Kinda looks "gladiatorish"
Left and right angle

   I'm diggin' these shoes at the moment. Firstly, it's heels. I love heels! I like that it's not too high nor too low. Just right to elongate my calves and give them a shapelier illusion.

   Second, I like its color. The combination of beige and browns looks pretty. And it matches a lot of my clothes and purses. Its brown heels blends well with the faux snakeskin.

   Third, I love it's design. I don't know what you call it. But it's sort of a mix between strappy and gladiator sandals. It adds pizazz and spunk to my ensamble. It goes well with my skinny jeans or even short shorts. It also feels comfortable on my feet.

   Lastly, it's not pricey. I love it that H&M produces cheap but stylish shoes, clothes, accessories and even makeup. You can look expensive at a fraction of a cost and makes you look trendy without burning a hole in your pocket.

   I've always had a penchant for mixing and matching expensive stuffs with cheaper ones, as long as they look good and well-put together. I don't believe in wearing designer stuffs from head to toe. I find it tacky. So if I find an item that blends well with my outfit, I snag it no matter how much the price is.

   I can't wait for my next trip to H&M! and find more items that will give me plenty more reasons to smile:-)



yer pair of heels is love! :)

evie said...

oooh gorgeous heels!! i have to train myself to walk in heels!! lousy at walking in i wish there's H&M here!!


Yeah! How I wish H&M would soon be here...happy days! Thanks for droppin' by:-)

clumsyliz said...

cute heels ! =) when can we see your whole face?? =) i wanna know what your skin looks like, your legs looks so flawless


Haha I'm super shy! So chop chop na lang muna. Haha! You're super funny clumsyliz!:-)