Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Granny Panties!

Don't we just love to hate em'?

big girl panties

   Admit it, at one point or another we all loved wearing those giant knickers. It's cottony texture feels so soft  and comfy that it makes us feel so good down under. These high cut panties rides all the way up to the waist and covers the entire abdominal area.
   Amidst my multitude collection of sexy thongs and t-backs, these giant underwears holds a special place in my heart. They remind me of childhood days when tiny hearts or Disney princesses are printed all over them. I enjoyed the feeling of these cute characters covering my thingie. As if they're preciously guarding it. My princesses are always with me everywhere I go so i felt special underneath.

   I love wearing em' at home paired with a huge shirt or pyjamas. Especially when I'm feeling lazy and all I wanna do is put my feet up, drink my favorite coffee and read a good book while some relaxing music is softly playing at the background. Aaaah bliss! My panty and me...in perfect harmony. I'm absolved from all the pressures of trying to look sexy!

   But its not always happy days with my Granny panties.And all good things must come to an end. I remember a horror story which still haunts me up to now. Several years ago I was rushed to the hospital because of gastroenteritis. It was so painful that I forgot I still had em' on. I wasn't able to change and that's a HUGE mistake. Damn! I wanted the earth to swallow me the moment the doctor asked me to lie in bed for examination. To make matters worse, there were also a few nurses around.What if they know my friend? or a friend of a friend of mine?!#%! I was silently cursing myself for wearing those damn panties that i silently prayed I didn't wear the one with tiny holes! All the time I was fixated on my underwear. And all I could hear from the doctor's mouth were mumbled words. What if they were all laughing deep inside and they're just trying their best to keep a straight face? Here's a seemingly fine lady on the outside but wearing gigantic panties on the inside. What does that speak of me! My embarrasment overshadowed my tummy ache. Great! I needed the comfort but not that way. I felt so bad that I never want to see that doctor or those nurse's faces ever again!

   I learned my lesson, if something unexpected happens and I have to be stripped or hospitalized or something, i always have to be ready coz at least I wanna do it in style! I don't wanna be known as the girl who wears her grandma's undies. And you'll never know when disaster might strike again.

    Plus when you're with the guy you're digging you'll never know when 'that' moment might steam up. You definitely don't want his rising libido to shoot down to zero the moment he sees em'...How sexy is that? Imagine him caressing your thighs only to feel those giant panties. The last thing he wants is to do is be reminded of his grandma. You wanna turn him on...not off. Unless you've been together for 40 years and happily married then I don't see any concern for this. But still we shouldn't become too comfortable coz a younger vixen wearing tiny thongs might just snatch your man away!

   Sometimes i miss wearing my granny panties. Especially when i don't feel like being vampy..when i don't care about looking good..when i just want to be alone. But if you have a man in your life. And you wanna look desirable in his eyes. Wear something sexy even though you know he'll accept your giant panties. Don't let your relationship become too complacent. So always put the time and effort to look appealing even in your houseclothes down to your panties.

  For the meantime byebye to my dear old friends. Perhaps when im old and gray. We'll see each other again someday!

Have a great day!


donnarence said...

i wear grannie panties when sleeping.. hehehe


Awww you're so cute! It makes me miss more all the tattered ones I threw! Mwah!

Elizabeth said...

I think I would rather fart during sex than be caught wearing granny panties. mmmm wait. No maybe not....but granny panties definitely is right up there with tooting in bed. LOLs Love this one.


Hahaha that's a funny one Elizabeth! That makes the two of us now!

Cynthia Z said...

Hehe...nice post! Yup granny giant panties aren't sexy no matter how comfy we think they are :D

Thanks for yr comment btw


Fashion Rehab said...

Back in the days, almost everyone was wearing them, but now "I won't be caught it them" :)

Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

in the 90's, during college, i also had a taste of a granny underwear.

i dont think that i would want to go back wearing those ginormous-up-to-hips-cut because its not pretty anymore. haha.


Haha we wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing em'. For me not again in this lifetime. Definitely unsexy... That's why i resort to my boy short panties instead. Thanks ladies for taking time to read my crazy thoughts! Lov ya all!

shatzlaine said...

that's funny! i love wearing them when sleeping too,.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.