Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lotree Lipgloss in 02

The tube looks fancy and whimsical. It sort of reminds me of Anna Sui

You can see the pretty sparkles
peeking out of the tube!

Shimmery swatch

Convenient wand application

The microglitters looks
naturally pretty

   The first thing that attracted me to this gloss is it's very cute design and packaging. It looks chic and fancy considering that it's not expensive. Naturally I just have to get it!

-it glides easily
-it moisturizes the lips
-the color looks sheer but great
-shiny, glossy effect
-nice packaging

-feels sticky and gooey on the lips
-not longlasting
-doesn't even liptone


   Considering that the pros outweighs the cons this product is still a good buy.  I wear it over my favorite lipsticks coz it enhances and adds an extra sexy shine to my regular lippies. It's also great to wear alone on casual days. I didnt feel any dryness as it completely drenches my dry lips. If you want that subtle sheen of pink color with a little sparkle then this lipgloss will truly deliver:-)


Elizabeth said...

I like tacky lipgloss sometimes, like in the winter when my lips get chapped. Or for a photoshoot cuz its usually soooooo shiny. Im gonna check this out.


Hehe... It's good except for smoochfest coz men usually hate it when we put gooey stuffs on our lips:-)

Teenage Bride said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you ever so kindly for following my blog I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy!

By the way I am a freak about lip gloss I cant even tell you how many different kinds I own... my husband hates it lol.

Great post!!!! look forward to reading more said...

cute packaging~ but is the sparkles not overpowering?


After awhile the sparkles blends with my lips so the color gets more subdued.:-)

Jannie said...

wow. thanks for the bangs compliment. i appreciate that. :) i cut them a little too short, but i'm glad they're growing and looking quite better. :)

that sure is a pretty lipgloss tube. the packaging is fancy and very unique. if i had access to this, i'd grab it for sure. the color is very pretty too and i love sparkly. thanks for the review on this. :)