Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 2 Dogs Appears in My Sis Ovaries!

This is my sister's left ovary...can you see Zoe?

This is Zoe...eerie resemblance!

My sister's right ovary...can you spot Chino?

And this is Chino on the right....can you see the uncanny resemblance?

   I know this may sound and look weird but recently my sis went for a check up for her ovaries. Like a dutiful older sister I accompanied her to the hospital to have her transvaginal ultrasound. And what came out was kinda freaky. The image and likeness of my 2 dogs. The hair on my arms and legs literally stood up!

   As you can see in the ultrasound results, Zoe my girl puppy poodle appeared on her left ovary. While Chino my boy poodle appeared on her right ovary. Haha! It sure looked funny. We teased her that maybe she's pregnant with my 2 dogs. 

    The findings said she has polycistic growths. My youngest sister have always been overweight. I think her hormones has something to do with the unwanted weight gain. No matter how few or little she eats, she still continues to get bigger. I hope the doctors will be able to do something about it coz I want her to live a long and healthy life. She's so vibrant and funny despite her condition. I'm sure that once she loses weight all the boys will be falling in line just to be with her;-)

   Im planning to have my own check up and ultrasound too as it's already required by doctors to have it done yearly. We all want healthy ovaries don't we? And we dont want puppies to appear either ;-) So as early as now we shouldn't take it for granted. Early detection and prevention will save us  from all the hassle of sickness.

   As for Zoe and Chino, call it coincidence or whatsoever. But for me it must be a sign that my two babies are definitely special. So special that they even show up in my sister's ovaries. Hehe! Oh well, I just wanted to share this strange story...hugs!  


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