Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm a Blogger Wannabe...and Proud of It!

We are all

   In blogging everybody is a wannabe...He/She is a wannabe...I am a wannabe...We are all wannabes...Isn't it amazing that today's technology gives us the chance to become our very own essayists, poets, editors, critics or know-it-all gurus...isn't it cool that thousands of unknown John/Jane Does can now be heard all throughout the universe?

   We can say whatever we wanna say anytime, anywhere and anyhow. The frustrated writers within us have found the perfect vehicle to vent out all our angst, anxieties, joys and life's mini-dramas without the fear of being rejected by snotty publishers or discerning magazine staffs. What was once inhabited and reserved only for the giants can now easily be accessed by us, mere mortals .

   We all need a sweet diversion from this crazy and mundane world. What used to be mere thoughts stuck in our brains has now hatched into something more feasible that can be of use to another person.  

    Even my appetite for magazines has somewhat waned as blog surfing alone provides countless hours of entertainment from real people with real stories. Unlike the pages of Vogue or Time Magazine where mostly the ones being featured are the Who's who of this planet. Hmmm...come to think of it, who will buy a magazine with your gardener or your next door grouchy neighbor on the cover? Certainly not me! or else the sales of these magazines  might plummet to below zero. So I just reserve buying magazines during moments when I feel too starved about what's happening in the outside world. But for the meantime let me sit back, relax and sip my favorite tea while I feast my senses in the kaleidoscope of blogs that captures my fancy.

     Blogging is the cheapest thrill! Its the ultimate free entertainment. I get lost and immersed in somebody else's life. I like discovering interesting journeys or adventures from unknown and ordinary people. You don't need to be in the leagues of Madonna or Tom Cruise to be heard. You just have to be yourself, plain and simple! And we're assured that somewhere in this planet, some restless insomniac or wandering mind will randomly encounter our precious blogs and read whatever nuggets of wisdom they could find.

   You can even write about eggs, stones or whatsoever and still somebody will read it. Heck, someone crazy might even like it! I believe that there's beauty and art in every object that surrounds us. It just depends on how we view or present it. It is thru blogging that you can share your deepest most personal feelings, wax philosophical thoughts or pour out all your boredom away!  

   Yes we are all wannabes...We all wanna be heard and be recognized. We all wanna be appreciated for even the tiniest effort we put in presenting the kind of blog that we all can be proud of. We all wanna be seen and acknowledged as we showcase our unique train of ideas and talents. We all want our opinions to matter. No matter how insignificant they may seem.

   There are millions of unsung little heroes in cyberspace. Writers behind great works that continues to remain anonymous or unnacounted for. These are the people who tries to reach out with their humble voices without expecting something in return.

    There will always be stories to tell, and souls to be touched. There will always be posts that are actually little gems waiting to unfold. And most of us who write not because we wanna get paid, write from our hearts because we care...and knowing that somebody will like our work is the most priceless thing that money can't buy.

We all

Wanna Be Heard!


Missfittgirl said...

I love blogging too:) There is something wonderful about writing everyday, and having a chance to share your opinions....expertise, and humor. Oh and love of all things LV! xoxo


I couldn't agree more Missfittgirl and fellow LV lover. Thanks for dropping by. Mwah!;-)