Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do the Chicken Dance - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..

   This picture gave me a hearty chuckle. A fat man dancing when nobody is looking. Don't you have days when you're feeling just like that? Light and bubbly moments that makes us all want to do a little chicken dance here and there especially after hearing something wonderful. 

   Im guilty of such. I usually strut my stuff in front of the mirror after a long, refreshing and cold shower. I dance like  a stripper, sashay like a ramp model or just plain wiggle my belly to my amusement.  I can pick my nose, scratch my ass, make funny faces, act like a monkey or just look plain stupid for all i want. It makes me feel good, uninhibited, wild and free. I can do all the crazy things to my hearts desire with nary a care in the world. Far from the poised and stiff face I normally have to show the outside world. I laugh at my own silliness. Celebrate the imperfections of my nakedness. In my own private world i can be who i want to be. There's no sense of judgment or criticism coz im totally in control. I please no one but me. 

   During times when I feel down or heavy, I resort to this special ritual that instantly washes away all my frustrations.  It makes me forget all my worries and fears. Nobody's watching anyway and nobody will know about this dirty little secret except me,myself and I. After all life is too short to always be serious. So when you're feeling crappy and blah, a little chicken dance might just do the trick.  

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