Thursday, April 29, 2010

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   It's that time of the month again when my arms and legs are starting to show those purple bruises. People around me already knows what's gonna happen and when it's coming. I slowly transform into a mini monster. Moody, edgy and irritable. Even the littlest things piss me off. It doesn't help when that pesky abdominal cramps heighten my desire to punch anything or anybody who goes against my way. My erratic behaviour often leaves my honey puzzled. I pester and annoy him for no apparent reason. Just a stupid urge to pick a fight. Then another mood sets in, this time I act all mushy, needy and clingy. He could only scratch his head in confusion as I sweetly utter..."don't worry it's just a girl thing!". 

   Im not being a Bratinella but it still sucks to have to contend with this monthly dilemma. I even question why men are absolved from such mess. Ha! I could just imagine how chaotic the world would be if both sexes experience the same thing. Imagine testosterones going  crazy. Guys curled up in a fetal position acting all cranky. Men absent from work unable to cope from the excruciating dysmenorrhea. Everything will be so dysfunctional. Tsk...tsk...

   No wonder God made women the torchbearers because He knows we're more of the resilient type. We have the ability to bounce back after being bent, stretched and pounded from the pain accompanied with each period. Perhaps it's a means of prepping us from the rigours of childbirth in the future. 

   Some women are lucky coz they barely feel anything and just go with the flow. But for some unfortunate girls like me who could barely stand, has to crouch and needs tons of Midols in order to regain sanity. It can be a pain in the ass or may I say in the abdomen.  

   But through it all, there's always a sense of satisfaction in being constantly reminded how wonderful it is to be a woman. That I am complete, healthy and able. That i have the strength and ability to withstand pain...And that I'm capable of bringing another soul into this world.  

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