Thursday, April 22, 2010

Marilyn Black Multicolour

 My Marilyn Black MC is such a cute addition to my beloved LV family. Its mini compact size only holds the essential necessities like keys, lipstick, cellphone and other small items so forget it if your the type of girl who virtually brings the whole house out. I only use this for dinners and night outs because of its limited capacity. I dont see it as a casual everyday bag unless you can practically survive using only minimal makeup.

   The gold rivets and buckle really complements the bag's style which adds to its unique appeal.Its such a work of art from the detailing to the superb craftsmanship. No wonder that such a tiny bag could fetch such a huge amount. Only a fellow LV lover could understand and appreciate the handmade skills that's behind every bag produced.

   With the Murakami line, it's either you love it or hate it. I'm one of those who likes its bold and bright colors. It gives me a cheery feeling everytime i see the nice interplay of different colors. Plus it practically matches any different colored tops. Although i rarely get to use this bag, i feel happy knowing it's just there ready to be used when the right occasion comes.

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