Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Collagen Beauty Pill

I bought this collagen supplement tablets a few months ago when I was still living in Singapore. The pink packaging caught my fancy as I was checking every shelf in Watsons. This product is made by the same company that sells Chitosan diet pills. It is suppose to make ones skin fairly supple, smoother and younger. I took the tiny tablets religiously for a month. My verdict is that I didn't notice anything significant at all. Or perhaps I barely noticed. I was expecting more and it didn't give me what I wanted. But maybe I should have continued taking this supplement for more than a month in order to achieve what it promises to deliver. But impatient Li'l me have since then moved on to another Japanese supplement which I'll review sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

Texto interessante neste local, opiniôes deste modo dignificam a quem quer que analisar nesta página :)
Dá mair quantidade deste blogue, a todos os teus amigos.