Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burberry Scarf

This famous Burberry scarf has been my constant travelling companion everytime I visit cooler countries. My trenchies instantly look stylish and elegant. It's soft Cashmere is pure heaven to touch. It keeps my neck and shoulders warm esp when the temperature drops below zero. I like how it blends well with solid colored tops like black, red or white. Amongst all my scarves my Burberry is the one that's seen the light of day. It's become a staple piece in most of my outfits that I'm scared of wearing it out. It's truly worth every cent. Although I've seen a lot of fakes and imitations being sold at sidestreets nothing beats the real thing. The real feeling of owning a genuine cashmere scarf is beyond compare. I can see myself still using this for several years to come and I don't care if I keep using the same item coz I just simply adore it. It's a definite classic!

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