Friday, April 23, 2010

Rosewood Vernis Pomme

   For me this bag looks kinda' similar with my Roxbury except that this particular style looks simpler and plainer. It's Pomme color is so rich, shiny and vibrant that I've received compliments from random strangers regarding its nice shade of red. I feel so dainty and feminine everytime I use this. The color seems to pop even more when I pair it with plain white, black or beige tops. And it also works both ways for casual or dressy occasions.

  I find this purse lightweight and relatively easy to carry because it perfectly fits my arms. The zipper enclosure also keeps my things protected. It has enough space for my daily essentials. Overall, I'm satisfied with my Rosewood Vernis. If you want a statement bag that looks classy and pretty then this is the perfect accesory for you.

See you again soon :-)

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