Thursday, April 29, 2010

LV Globe Charm Keyring

Love the blend of pastel colors!

Perfect accessory for my beloved Manhattan GM

My LV Globe Charm Keyring is just the cutest thing ever! Its candy looking enamel coated brass medals engraved with historic Trunks and Bags logo looks yummy enough to eat! It reminds me of sweets, lollipops and everything nice.

Its playful burst of colors will instantly spruce up any bag. In fact I've been using the same keyring most of the time since it blends well with monogram, vernis, epi and damier patterns. The only minor tiff about this is the clink-clank sound the brass makes everytime I walk. My partner teased me that even if I blindfold him he'll still know where I am, he'll just FOLLOW THE SOUND! But he has since learned how to live with it coz I refuse to go out without it. ;-)  Looove this! Take care sweeties!

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