Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dermafleece Eyelash Builder

   I saw this Dermafleece eye lash builder at the cosmetics area in Gateway mall in HK.   It promises longer, thicker eyelashes in just 21 days. Isn't it every girls wish? so I immediately grabbed one. Especially after my disastrous eyelash extension which left my lashes short and sparse. It's such a teeny tiny little tube that easily  gets swallowed inside my makeup pouch. I  often have to fumble just to look for it. 
   So far I've been using it for more than two months now and I could say my lashes still practically look the same. It's not the magic potion I was hoping it would be. Or perhaps it grew a bit and I barely noticed? Or am I just fooling myself that my lashes seem thicker? So to my sleeping hair follicles please WAKE up!
  But I will not give up yet. I'd still continue using it to the last drop. I'm not losing hope that maybe  someday when I open my eyes I'll see gorgeous, longer and fuller looking lashes staring back at me.        


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