Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Fave L.V. Belt

   This is one of my favorite belts. I've always had a penchant for classic but statement pieces. I know there are women out there who cringe at the site of logo items. But this belt is just right coz it doesnt scream gaudy. It's just a subtle accesory that spells taste as long as it's worn the right way. One should never ever pair this with LV stuffs from head to toe coz it's gonna be tacky. Trying too hard will just put to waste whatever look you're trying to achieve. I'm not a self- proclaimed guru when it comes to fashion. I've had numerous mishaps and mistakes already for me not to learn what's right. But a belt like this should be paired with plain and simple tops in order to highlight or emphasize the beauty of this creation. I also love the gold LV buckle in the middle, you just need to snap it in the hole and you are all set. You forget about it the whole day only to be reminded from the simple stares of strangers and compliments from peers.this simple belt could jazz up any casual attire. Just wear it and let it work wonders on it's own.

Have a great day ladies!!!

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