Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christian Dior Limited Edition Shades

Limited Edition

I feel so diva-ish whenever I don this limited edition Christian Dior shades I got from HK. I immediately fell in love with this the moment I laid my eyes on it. My heart skipped a beat coz I  found it so beautiful. You have to see it in person in order to appreciate it's unique craftsmanship. Man, I was totally blown away! I spent restless nights just thinking about it. But I am fully aware that I dont need it coz I already own several designer pairs. But my fiancé who's ever supportive noticed my restlesness that he thoughtfully offered to get this gem for me. Lucky  lucky me! Even if it's quite pricey, I just had to own it. The stones on the side glitters and sparkles under the sun. I could see myself using this for a lifetime and the best part is it's  limited edition which means only a few of us lucky ladies will get to wear this. It automatically creates an instant ooomph factor to even the drabbiest outfit. It literally shines on it's own. Whenever I use this I feel oh so chic and elegant! You will really standout in the crowd with these sunglasses. This is one of the few items that gives me such a different kind of high. Call me shallow but I don't care coz I just looove it. Perhaps one day when I have a daughter I will pass it  to her like a lovely piece of heirloom. I'm sure she'll absolutely adore it.Teehee...i'm imagining again. Oh well it's summertime once more, time to go out and  wear this beauty for all the world to see.

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