Wednesday, April 28, 2010

H & M Pink Lipgloss

   If you're itching for that glam chick pink lippie look then the search is over with  H & M's Anni-Can Rock lipgloss  shade. Its fun, flirty and edgy color is great for night outs and clubbings. The bright pink fuschia tint will surely put you on the boys radar. The brilliant gloss will keep your lips shiny, sparkly and temptingly kissable. Sad part is you have to constantly reapply the gloss as I noticed that it keeps wearing off after awhile. But really it's no biggie coz it does its job in making my lips look party ready...another great cheap and chic discovery worth trying!      

1 comment:

gnrn_026 said...

hi.. you're items looks good on you.. btw, you don't have an FOTDs??=)