Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roxbury Vernis Amarante

   It's gorgeous Amarante color is what prompted me to get this chic looking bag. The color changes with different lightings. At night it looks black but during daytime you can see its rich deep burgundy hue especially under the sun's rays.

   The long thin straps makes it a very convenient shoulder bag. The drop is just right on my shoulders. It's lightweight and can hold ample amount of personal items. It can also be converted into a handbag by simply unfastening the gold clasp of the shoulder straps. The gold rivets also adds a nice touch to it.

   Although this is a great looking bag, i easily get bored with it. For me it lacks that certain x-factor that makes other girls give it a second glance the way some of my bags does. I kinda feel blah whenever i use it. There are bags that gives you that ooh-la-la feeling and then there are those that doesn't. And for me its more of the latter. But i still love my Roxbury coz this will always be one of my babies no matter what.

i'll be posting the rest of my mini LV collection again soon...;)

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