Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Vain

Tuesday graphics comments
   Here are warning signs to all single ladies out there on the lookout for Mr. Right. Do NOT even dare go for Mr. Vain because of the following reasons...

-you have to pass his standards and have to be goodlooking all the time coz he can't afford to be seen walking around with a monkey
- during calamities like earthquakes or fire, he'll immediately rescue his mirror, whey protein and man-kit instead of you
-he'll be thrilled to go shopping with you only because he can't wait to check the latest fashion in menswear
-he constantly brags about countless women who's after him and you should feel damn honored and priviledged to be the 'chosen one'
-he's absolutely sure your kids will be beautiful...but he makes it sound as if it's his precious genes to be accounted for
-he can't stop staring at anything that shows his reflection-mirrors, car windows and yes even utensils like spoons, glasses...etc...
-instead of being happy when people compliment you, he'll mope and sulk and silently wonder what's wrong with his face today
-when looking at your pictures together, he only stares at himself, skips your solo shots then zooms on his face
-he tells you you're beautiful while yawning
-for the nth time he likes telling you about being checked out by girls atta bookstore, gym, malls or wherever and the worst part is he pretends to be annoyed
-during fights, he refuses to cry coz he doesn't want to have puffy eyes
-he constantly bashes other men, the way they look, dress or talk
-during picture taking he immediately gets the side that shows his best angle which happens to be your favorite side too and you find yourself giving in
-he rarely gets jealous, after all he feels like he's  gods gift to the female species
-you barely have intellectual conversations with him coz he sees no need or he's just plain dumb

   Isnt it plain sad? to be with an INSECURE being who just wallows in his looks 24/7. Please don't be blinded!

Naughty graphics comments

   Spare yourself some heartache and head to the nearest exit

   After all you deserve no less! He's just a waste of time and space on earth. He shouldn't be your sole priority when you know deep inside you're just an option that he can toss aside when somebody prettier, sexier or better enters the picture.  You need a REAL man who will truly love you for who you are. Be treated like a lady and not like a dirt. No ifs and buts!

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