Sunday, April 18, 2010

Manhattan GM

   Amongst all of my Louis Vuitton bags, this Manhattan GM is my all time favorite. I love that it looks sturdy and strong. All that hardware adds a beautiful touch in making this bag even more aesthetically appealing. When I started collecting LV I knew that one day I will possess this piece. But other trendier and newer styles also appealed to me then so it took awhile before this baby landed in my arms. I still remember that exhilirating feeling the first time I held it in my arms. I even told myself what the heck was I thinking for waiting so long before I finally decided to get one. 

   It has two front pockets that's convenient for me in storing my keys and other small items that I readily need. The only downside to this purse is that it's quite heavy. My arms would usually ache after prolongued usage. Aside from that, at first I found it such a hassle to always have to unstrap the belt in order for me open it. So i just unzip one side of the bag in order to get my things inside. Other than that everything is just fine. 

   My Manhattan GM has also been my constant travelling companion. She's been with me almost everywhere. I also love it when the patina darkens in time. In fact, it is already showing signs of wears and strain from constant use. But like an elegant lady that ages gracefully this bag looks even more beautiful in time. I just can't help but continuously adore it. And each time I use a new bag I always find myself going back to this beauty over and over again.  

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