Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silver Miroir LV Agenda

When I first saw this silver miroir LV agenda I immediately fell in love due mostly to aesthetic reasons. I have always been fascinated with the miroir line just because I find it a bit blingie. I thought it would be a handsome accessory to my purse. I know I don't really need this coz' I have my trusty palm pilot and I- touch that can easily organize my files an do the works,but something about this thing just makes me want to have it. I'm fully aware of bein impractical but the obsessive-compulsive side of me is giving me sleepless nights over this thing.

When I touched this beauty, I marvel for a few minutes about how exquisitely it is done. Tracing the embossed emblem makes my fingers tingle with excitement. It has card holders inside and calendar and cute mini L.V. fillers. But after awhile the thrill dies down and as usual I ask myself now what? Days, weeks and months passed by and I'm still not using it. There's a part of me that hates to destroy it's pages with my stupid doodles. I feel guilty every time I see it get dusty in my cabinet. Selfish that I only got it for self-gratification purposes. Oh well, perhaps someday I may get to finally use this if my palm conks out. It is still a beauty in my eyes...a frozen beauty.

Have you ever purchased something you don't need yet want? That is my constant dilemma. Sigh!

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