Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monogram Vernis Pochette Cles in Rose Pop

I got this last year when it was just new in the market. There are 4 irresistable colors to choose from. Rose Pop, Bleu Galactic, Orange Sunset and Vert Tonic. But I think now they have newer colors for this pochette. I chose Rose Pop because I find its bright pink hue so cheery, feminine and vibrant. This is a great way to accesorize any bag. If you want to infuse fun and spunk in your wardrobe then this is a must have. I particularly like the chic metal plate with the LV Script on it. A very nice touch to the cles! I love caressing its smooth pink patent leather especially when I'm bored inside the car.

I only had one funny experience with this thingie. When I was in Shanghai an elderly lady tapped me and said that my wallet is jutting out. She thought somebody was trying to steal my wallet but was unsuccesful. In a concerned manner she motioned for me to put it inside for safety reasons. Hahaha. I just nodded and pretended that she was right and hid it. But the moment she was out of sight I let it all hang out again. I hope I won't bump into her again. But she's such a sweet old lady!

I'm happy with my cles. Cles is happy with me. We're happy together! End of story. Tata!