Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's been almost time immemorial since I've last posted. Suddenly I feel the need to revive a part of me that's been lost due to so many things that have occurred for the past 5 months. I guess when one is too happy she somewhat gets lost in a world of bliss. I made a list of the top ten things that puts a garfield like smile of contentment after having a heavy meal.

1. The Lord almighty - my source of unwavering faith and strength.
2. My partner- who never fails to support and understand me even during cloudy days.
3. Family and friends- who will always be there even during moments when I'm almost impossible to comprehend.
4. Chino- my toy poodle, my temp "baby" whose cuteness and crazy dog antics never fails to amuse me.
5. Charity- giving back to those who are needy, whose smiles and thank you's always fatten our hearts.
6. Helpers, workers and drivers- whose loyalty and service helps ease our day to day lives.
7. My vanity collection- which reminds me constantly how fun is it to be a woman.
8. Books- an amazing escape to another world anytime I choose to.
9. Travelling- a priviledge to experience firsthand different cultures and ways to broaden my horizons.
10.My life- all the blessings, comfort and meaningful journey that made me wiser and more mature.

With all these things, what more can a girl ask for? :-)

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