Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ZOE...My New Cute Poodle Joins Our Mini Family!

Presenting...Zoe! my adorable new girl poodle
She loves to bite me!
Looking so cute with her new pink dress

Isn't she so teeny tiny adorable?

She's a naked BRAT too!
Sleepy time coz the little monster got tired from all her rompings!

Her puppy essentials... i like the girly pink food bowl!

   Zoe just arrived yesterday! My new red miniature toy poodle. She is just the cutest looking bratty little munchkin ever! I was racking my brains out over the weekend of what name to give her. I googled some dog names but I never found anything I liked. The name Zoe just entered my mind the moment I saw her. I dunno why! But I think it sounds cute and it fits her.

   My fiancé and I were worried about the reaction of Chino, our other toy poodle who's 2 yrs old. He is spoiled rotten by us for the past two years. He is so used to all the solo attention. Everytime he sees other pets he whimpers and hides. His social skills are very poor as he wasn't exposed much to other dogs. 
   When Zoe arrived I noticed that she has a spunky character at 2months old. She isn't scared at all unlike Chino who was shaking when we got him as a puppy. She was literally all over the place. Toppling things or whatever she bumps into. She is clumsy and walks like a duck, well she's still a baby so what do you expect! 

   Chino at first was curious with the new addition to the family. To our surprise he acted brave, he was sniffing her butt like crazy and kept following her. But Zoe has that dont-bother-me attitude and started nipping and attacking him. So Chino retreated to his old scaredy cat err doggie ways. He keeps shunning or hiding away from her. Just silently observing Zoe from afar. When he walks she would bully him away. Imagine a tiny puppy running after a bigger dog! Zoe is exhibiting signs of fearlessness and independence while Chino is becoming more and more clingy each day.

   Although Zoe is cute she is quite a headache to take care of. She bites my nose, my hair, my lips, my toes, the cord wires (I make sure it's all unplugged)...anything that she could lay her tiny mouth on. She's still on that teething stage and we have to endure several months of gnawing and chewing. She also peed thrice on the bed! Last night I woke up around dawn coz she was crying out loud and to my utmost horror I found out that she pooped on my fiance's celphone and slippers!!! I have to clean up the mess myself coz i didnt want to wake the maid up. Sigh! I remember Chino as a behaved little puppy. A far cry from this tiny monster. 

   Its quite hard to deal with two dogs who are as different as day and night. We got Zoe for Chino to have a playmate. But instead he became anxious, jealous and withdrawn. We have to take turns in cuddling them so they'd both feel loved. We want Zoe to experience the wonderful life Chino have with us. But at the same time we want Chino to grow into a well rounded little dog. Now everything seems to be in topsy-turvy and it's been only just two days! 
   My aim now is to diligently try to discipline little Ms. Wild. She could still get away with her crazy ways coz she's still a baby. I'm hoping she'll grow up as obedient and behaved like Chino. I want her to take after his ways. I also hope that Chino will learn to adjust to his new surroundings and learn to socialize with other animals. 

   Having these two doggies gives me a chance to practice being a mom in the future. After all their lives depend on us.  I have learned how to be more responsible and caring. I expect weeks, months or maybe years of chaos in the house. It's hard but at the same time fun coz the joy they bring to our home is simply priceless. - Custom Glitter Graphics Generators and more..



zeth radtra syam said...

she's so cute...

love your dog!


Anonymous said...

Super cute dog, i love her in her pink dress:)