Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smashbox Beauty Lipstick in Seduction

Smashbox Beauty's Image by

Simple black tube casing with easy grip

Nudish beige color

Great shade!

Looks pretty and natural on lips

   Im not too keen with wearing nude lipsticks. First, I love bright pink colors and secondly, Mr G tells me I look like a walking corpse. So as much as possible I try to shy away from purchasing nude shades. But there's something about it that I find so appealing. Blame it on J. Lo who looks magnificently gorgeous each time she carries that shade. I'm no J. Lo but there's a teeny tiny part if me that wishes I could pull of such color.

   Then enters "Seduction" by Smashbox Beauty. It definitely fits me. For once I don't look like a vampire ready to devour anything in sight. I still managed to look human enough to carry this shade. Mr G didn't even complain and I said i looked healthy and fresh. I loved this shade. It's a combination of pink and beige that doesn't look too pale nor too strong. Just right!

   On days when I don't feel like a Girly girl in pink lipsticks this is the one I use to exude that natural bronze look. I pair it with darker eyeshadows and the result is exquisite. It's rich color also evens out my liptone which is an absolute necessity for me since I have uneven lip color.

  The only downer to this lipstick is that i noticed that it dries my lips so I have to constantly reapply lipgloss or balm. I'm also not too fond of it's claylike smell. But other than that everythings A- okay!

   Im ultimately satisfied with this. Finding the perfect nude lippie for me is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. But once you find it, stick with it. That's exactly what I've been doing. No more envying J.Lo days for me coz I finally found my own nude HG! ;-)

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jenobebs said...

id say it looks good on you. well on the picture it does. nude makes me look like a dead person too. hehe. but my only mac lipstick is nude and it looks pretty when topped with gloss. ^_^