Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LV Inclusion Bangle

   I totally fancy this gorgeous bangle. The moment I had it I felt like a hungry puppy that's been given a bone after a long time.

    I liked the bigger size (GM) as opposed to the smaller one coz I find it more dramatic. In some of the LV stores I've visited, this color is usually out of stock. So when I chanced upon this bangle at LV Bangkok at Gaysorn Mall(yeah the name sounds funny but it is a really nice upscale mall in Thailand-check the place out if you happen to be there) I immediately grabbed the chance to get one and boy I was sure glad I did.

   The inclusion features floating golden LV's and monogram flowers which perfectly mingles with stunning Swarovski rhinestone crystals that glitters and shine in broad daylight. Its resin structure is crystallized to perfection. It comes in blanc, marine, greige, transparent, orange, rose pop, marron and noir color.

   It will make your bare arms look fabulous. It goes with anything and will complement any outfit nicely. Anybody who'll see it will appreciate its beauty. Only my crazy brother who's totally clueless about fashion questioned why I'm wearing a bracelet with water inside. He thought it was one of those cheap toys that has water and floating balls that needs to be placed in holes. And he has the gall to tease me that he never thought the toy also comes in bangle form. Haha! What a moron! Sorry bro, just stick to your boy toys and leave me alone.

   Anoher fascinating observation about this thing is that it can be a perfect weapon to knockout unwanted intruders. The bangle is so damn hard that it can knock anybody unconscious. Can you imagine having a stylish bracelet that also doubles as a protection? Beat that! So be warned, to all the perverts in the world out there this seemingly innocent looking inclusion bracelet can blow your sick minds big time!          


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